Saturate; The Selfie

By Georgina Sussman

With selfies still taking the world by storm and picturesque, painterly scenes becoming Instagram-worthy, reflecting on the origin of where the selfie evolved from is a must in modern-day society.500-Self-Portraits-EN-7595-Overview

The original Five Hundred Self-Portraits was first published in 1937, abridged in 2000 and will publish a revised and expanded edition by Phaidon, on the 23rd March 2018.

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This newly published edition curates a collection of chronologically ordered self-portraits that explore and express the many ways in which artists have found to represent themselves throughout the years. They’ve been expressed  through altar carvings, etchings, paint, photography and many other methods, and includes Self-Portraits by Henri Matisse, Jackson Pollock, Gillian Wearing and many more.


The encased pictures lie in a glistening, mirror foiled cover, not only including 500 Self-Portraits but also essays by Julien Bell and Liz Rideal, as well as an extensive index providing information on the artists who made the image.

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This fascinating phenomenon is perfect for both the art-obsessed and the selfie-obsessed, incorporating, a variety of artistic techniques, profound imagery and modern culture into one book, encapsulating the reader in a wonderful journey throughout the ages about, what we now refer to as, the selfie.


500 Self-Portraits is published by Phaidon. Available to buy here

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