Scent from the Sea

By Flora Buckley

Brighton: a place which elicits images of vivid colours, innovative creatives and pebbled beaches. Whilst a British summer often consists of umbrellas and wellies rather than sunbeds and flip flops, it is nevertheless home to many a rainy summer holiday with the occasional appearance from the sun – sound familiar?

Brighton’s unique and exciting charm has seen it become a central influence for many artists, musicians and writers throughout history. One of whom is Graham Greene, with his 1938 murder novel Brighton Rock, set in, you guessed it: Brighton. The novel tells the impressive adventures of Brighton’s youngest gangsters and their life of love, lies and crime; something a bit like this…

‘As I recline exuberantly into the tattered Egyptian blue and faded white striped deckchair, I place my duffel bag purposefully onto the baking hot pebbles as I prepare to settle here undisturbed for the remainder of the day. I place an oversized cap over my face deliberately, as the darkness engulfs me and at once my remaining senses are heightened by my surrounding environment.

There is a soft breeze fluttering through the air; enough for my blush linen shirt to ripple gently across my chest but not strong enough to whisk my newspaper pages away. The air is clear with subtle hints of salt mixed with the strong candied scent of confectionary; just the thought of which tempts me to arise from my slumber. However, the soothing crash of the waves accompanied with the buzz of children’s voices slowly eases me to an ethereal trance.

At once, I am awoken by a cacophony of raucous sounds as a bevy of young men come hurtling across the beach front. One such gentleman, imaginably the ringleader, carelessly sweeps across me and grazes against my skin as I catch a gust of his robust odour. His scent clings to me as I process the combination of caliginous cigarette smoke, salty perspiration with a light, woody and leathery tone.

Shortly after this blaze of action, a handsomely plump women gracefully appears with a curious yet sagacious gaze. She is dressed elegantly but appropriately, wrapped in a beautiful silk paisley blouse and adorned with an iridescent pearl necklace. She smiles shrewdly and proceeds towards me, revealing a sweet fusion of burnt sugared- candy and delicately tenacious blossom’.  

Brighton rock perfume Miller `harris
Image Jason Yates

Miller Harris assumed literary character and scenic influence from Greene’s novel for three of their perfumes; each different in depiction, yet collectively eliciting imagery of delightful flirtation and glamour set in a candied and salty, sea landscape.

1. Brighton Rock is a sensual perfume which transports the wearer to delve deep into their memories of days spent by the seaside, whilst provoking an uplifting energy. The perfume has a fresh, woody and sweet scent; eliciting nostalgic childhood memories. Its Head notes are; Rose, Geranium and Iris. Its Heart notes are; Lily of the Valley, Jasmine, Rose, Sandalwood, Salty Accord and its Lasting Impressions are; Candy, Heliotrope and Musk. One can just imagine the course, hot sand beneath their bare feet as a cool breeze blows through their untamed hair, whilst children play joyfully in the gushing and expansive ocean. The Salty Accord perfectly accompanies the Sandalwood to give a crisp, earthy aroma, whilst the Candy and Jasmine contrast to create a sweet, yet fresh, lingering scent.

2. Blousy, by contrast, is an enchanting perfume full of glamour and mischievous flirtation. It remains elegant and sumptuous whilst being spirited and provocative. Its Head notes are; Pink Pepper CO2, Coriander Seed, Davana, Cinnamon and Green Mandarin. Its Heart notes are; Iris Concrete, Violet Flower, Rose Marocco abs, Rose oil, Turkey, Carnation, Hawthorn, Strawberry Liquor and its Lasting Impressions are; Tonka bean abs, Sandalwood, Oakmoss and Vanilla. Its fiery pepper notes superbly compliment the sweetness of the syrupy rose and smooth vanilla to arouse memories of charming and vivacious characters.

3. Finally, Violet Ida takes Greene’s Ida Arnold as its muse to create this beautifully noble and heroic scent. To see more on this perfume, visit here.

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