Scent, Light, Crystal

By Jo Phillips

There is something quite magnificent about light shining through a piece of crystal, as it is so clear you may be excited to see a rainbow, as the light breaks into the prisms of a rainbow, or if it is a red piece of glass you may see the colour bleed onto a wall. Crystal glass comes from sand as we know, and so when it meets the sun our great planet, it’s like a meeting of the very essence of our world. Add in scent for even more magic. Find out more here in Scent, Light, Glass Here.

There is a big difference between regular glass and crystal. The premium crystal contains anywhere from 2–30% minerals, making it possible to produce durable but thin glasses.  

Crystal is far more clear and bright and can be moulded or blown thinner. But also check out the sound of it, and you will hear a satisfying bell-like ringing sound, as different added materials allow the sounds to be slightly prolonged. So, now you know why we have the phrase ‘crystal clear’.

Lalique, the French glassmaker, was founded by renowned glassmaker and jeweller René Lalique in 1888. Known for producing glass art, including perfume bottles, during the early twentieth century. When in 1905, Lalique opened a new shop at Place Vendôme. Being very close to the shop of renowned perfumer François Coty, the two started to collaborate. During the 1950s the brand transitioned to producing crystal.

But it took Marie-Claude, his grand-daughter, to create their first ever fragrance, “Lalique de Lalique” in 1992, and so began their own journey into scent bringing together creativity in its bottle design with a quest for exceptional quality within its fragrances.

The collection now includes home fragrances as well as perfumes, including exclusives and limited editions for both men and women. The home fragrance collection includes candles and diffusers in crystal as well as refilled candles, home sprays, and diffusers with near on 20 scents to choose from.

In the elegantly decorative crystal candle collection find six scents, starting with Épines Édition Platine candle, a scent journey into an enchanted forest. The purple vase of Épines Édition Platine draws its inspiration from René Lalique’s theme, tracing the stylized curves of a Blackberry bush. A fine layer of precious platinum stamped on the brambles and fruit sets them alight like moon rays, against a background of satin crystal. 

Composed by Jérôme Épinette a perfumer of great renown, this is a rich woody scent. Opening with fruity Cherry resin -sharp balsamic-spicy, almost lemony Elemi and gentle spice via earthy, hay-like Saffron. Cascading with facets of Insense, Leather, Violet, Papyrus Patchouli and Vanilla. Its resinous facet lifts with bright pine and citrus notes rounded off in a fruity creamy dry note.

The Merles et Raisins Crystal candle, (Blackbirds and Grapes) Lalique takes you on a fragrant voyage to the French terroir and is an adaptation of a 1928 motif of the great artist.

Created by nose Leslie Girard, a fruity woody scent highlighting the atmosphere of a vineyard where sunshine is conjured with the essence of sweet orange. Blending Grape, Iris, and Fig note with Davana, a fruity woody ingredient with rich liqueur-like facets. Rum extract and Sandalwood assist, with earthy Patchouli and Cypriol, giving off the scent of the generous terroir.

Épines is from a collection of bathroom accessories conceived in 1920 by René Lalique. It is adorned with a delicately interlaced design of Brambles, Raspberries and Blackberries, reprised by the artist on a sumptuous vase in 1921. The vessel of the Épines candle traces the stylized curves of a Blackberry bush, enhanced by polished crystal, against a background of satin crystal.

The deep red wax brings a natural scent of a lush garden, reflecting the motif of the vessel. As though you were feasting on a handful of berries picked straight off the bush, on an aromatic bed of fresh leaves and Rose petals, in the intimacy of a warm, velvet-draped room. Notes include Blackcurrent, leaves, Rose Guaiac wood cashmere would and divinely earthy Patchouli

Forest is another trip into the forest this time it’s deep, and misty and is in the heart of the wilderness. Think overgrown wood, dense moss, trailing branches but then the mist clears and reveals the fragrance of Clove and Guaiac Wood, with Birch Cedarwood, Patchouli Musks, and Sandalwood to warm off the finale

Then move to the sea with Oceans, Gold limited edition an encounter with Ambergris, that meets with the path of the Spice Route. Opening with Copper accord and Heliotrope that melds with Sandalwood Amber Vanilla and finalising with Patchouli. A milky and suave, oriental and powdery, smooth and heady ascent.

Lastly comes Oceans seeking a most precious ingredient: ambergris, said to come from a magic undersea fountain. Explorers’ and sailors’ exhilaration when catching sight of earth after a long journey has no comparison, except the perfumer’s euphoria when coming across ambergris and smelling it for the first time

Salt meets black Pepper on this journey where it collides with magical Ambergris that only the sea can provide and incense woods and all finalises with Leather Moss and Sandlewood. In the 1001 Nights, Sindbad the sailor tells about a discovery he has made on a remote island: ambergris flowing from a fountain into the sea. Its outstanding scent is warm and sensuous, evoking honey, tobacco, animal notes and also iod and sea.

There are three crystals differs, Odyssee – Envolee Florale for cotton and the freshness of citrus, Odysee Escale Sauvage with floral exuberance with the striking character of aromatic notes and Odyssee Oasis De Fraicheur, power of woody spice and the musky softness of fruit notes. All the crystal differs have refills for convenience and for sustainability.

The other collections of candles are mainly based on cities from around the globe. The others are usually limited editions (including Le Soliel Noir Premier, Les Compositions Parfumees Electric Purple Sweet Amber, and Pink Paradise) to support the scents.

However, the city candles are evocative of places where scent sums up so much for example take Goa, for the Indian candle based around what else but Sandalwood. Find Cardamom, Lemon and Peppercorn warm yet bright that sits with the Aniseed like warm Caraway and Nutmeg alongside fresh florals with Cedar and finalising in Moss, Patchouli, grassy dry divine Vetiver. A perfect ‘scent-summation of this majestic city.

Other cities include:-

Fig Tree for Amalfi – Italy, Vetiver for Bali – Indonesia, The Night for Nairobi in Kenya, Les Vendanges Saint Emillion in Bordeaux, Neroli for Casablanca – Morocco. Moving on to Yuzu for Shikoku – Japan and Saffron for Mashhad – Iran. Finally the highs and lows of Osmanthus for the Himalayas – Nepal Chili for the Volcano in Maui – Hawai, The Snow in Adélie Land – Antarctica and finally into the heat of The desert in Muscat – Oman

So next time you enjoying light refracting through glass remember a candle will bring the third dimension of scent

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