Scent of Love Street

By Jo Phillips

What do 5th avenue in USA avenue Montaigne in France Via Veneto in Italy and Sloane street London all have in common? Well, as well as being world-famous streets they are also the places of exploration for a new perfume brand. Now we can all go to these destinations with literally the opening of a scent bottle. Let the fragrances drift you off to The Scent of Love Street, welcome Strada perfume collection.


When you think of 5th avenue, what comes to mind? Hustle and bustle, taxis streaming, a wide long road with an endless horizon. But where is the romance? Where is the magic that carries this street into a place in your heart? Maybe think of it in terms of loving scents. Ones that utterly bring you joy and lift your heart towards this most enigmatic of streets. This is exactly what the new perfume brand, Strada has done. Strada, literally meaning ‘street’ in Italian, celebrates their release of four new luxury fragrances inspired by iconic streets.


So what does 5th avenue smell like in their imagination?


There is an initial hit of something almost deep rich and historic yet buzzing about the opening of the fragrance. Steaming wafts of city air all filled with spicy undertones as though the traffic zooms by bringing the whole of New York with it. Here the initial top notes are sexy and sultry jasmine alongside warm spice of saffron. But don’t be fooled. It follows on into a warm rich succulent enticing heart of amber and luxury caramel but settles finally into a beautifully delicate yet warm base of oakmoss and oud as if this New York street is wrapping its arms around you. It’s quite stunning and is as vibrant at the street itself.



London’s Sloane street is that internationally known centre for tourists who come to shop. Unlike many of London’s streets, it is wide and bright with a plethora of mixed architecture. Famous for the fashionable boutiques from the worlds best brands, it’s a must-visit street oozing with glamour. And its scent? An opening that is sweet uplifting with rose berries with delicious heady Turkish rose yet played up against the contrast of subtle leather, which then meets in its heart with iridescent notes and more luscious Rose. It settles into oud and amber for a soft warm smokey finish. A meeting of unusual facets that dries down into a subtle soft woody oud with a shot of rose running through like a bolt of lightning.


Next in our scent of streets of love? Well, it has to be Avenue Montaigne in Paris France. Not so well known but the Avenue Montaigne was originally called the allĂ©e des Veuves (widows’ alley) because women in mourning gathered there, but thankfully much has changed much since those days of the early 18th century.


It is home to many luxury fashion brands, as well as jewellers and other upscale establishments like restaurants and hotels, and has often been described as one of the Grand Dames of Parisian fashion streets. Surely this will be a rich smelling scent.


The moment you spray its opens into a sparking top of Bergamot as if the diamonds from the jewellery stores act with light as a prism sending our their own bright sizzling scent; yet with all this brightness set against spicy saffron, and again that grand dame of perfumery; Ms. Jasmine. Its heart is warmed by Amber and sweetened with jasmine, rose and birch but has an edge of dangerous animalistic ambergris to seduce you into its mystery. The base keeps the perfume modern with both fashionable musk and vanilla for sweet softness but the clever edge of fir resin to round off this sexy captivating scent which is as passionate and elegant as any francophone shopping in such a renowned street.



And where to lastly on the scent of street love? Via Veneto in Italy the home of the creator of the brand.


“Strada Parfumerie was inspired by my Italian heritage and appreciation  for culture. As an avid perfume lover, I became increasingly passionate about creating a fragrance collection which would capture the imagination of perfume lovers  around  the  world.”  Mishal AlMarzouqi, Founder of Strada Parfumerie


So what is the perfume that lingers is this famous Roman street? Don’t forget Federico Fellini’s classic 1960 film La Dolce Vita was mostly centered in and around the Via Veneto area, and this perfume is chic, chic, chic to its very core.


It opens with heady yet enchanting florals of jasmine and the soft, powdery, skin-like heroine of much-loved iris along with intoxicating rose and refreshing neroli. Simply delicious! It then moves into an Italian warmth with hot-tempered ginger, sultry tuberose, cashmere and woody myrrh. A hint of herbaceous Clary Sage rounds up its heart before drying down and delving into a base of golden amber, sweet woods, earthy patchouli, and verdant cypriol. It’s as enticing and elegant as a Roman street could be.


To build the brand, Strada Parfumerie partnered with internationally renowned perfumers, Christian Carbonnel, Cyrille Carles and Moellhausen.


The company strongly believes that beauty should not come at a price to the environment. Therefore all the formulations are 100% vegan and all packaging materials are recyclable. Each 30ml bottle is handcrafted in Barcelona.


For more information and to buy visit the website here. And if you enjoyed The Scent of Street Love then why not read Let There Be Light about classic heroes of lighting designs.

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