Scented Glass

By Mohini Babbar

There is something quite miraculous about the magical nature of glass: how the light hits, flares, and brings alive the carved facets and rays of light through it. The light adds to its luster, beauty, and has a magical and almost spiritual quality. In the same way, a great perfume is made up of many facets from its very tip through to the holding base. Enjoy the journey of it settling on the skin as it makes for something mesmerising; just as light through glass is spectacular to view, perfume is an amazing scent sensation. The two together bring something extra special as only Scented Glass can. Fragrance, of course, should never be in direct sunlight but we can for a moment indulge this purely celestial vision. Images Keny Kakadia.

Imagine an evening walk in the beautiful Royal Botanical Gardens of Kew, inside the glass greenhouse with an array of lowering sun rays on an early evening, softly glistening and warming the scene. Bright flowers, blooming fruits, luscious with inviting scents; altogether spreading a magical aura around and giving one an almost spiritual experience.

It’s like you could taste the greenery, with a fruity freshness indulging your senses. Raw nature via the magic of sand (that becomes glass) and greenery (that becomes food); scent brings together a majesty that we can all celebrate and be in awe of.

Here is Scented Glass; we wander through the ‘greenhouse’ of perfume where scent and design come together with the renowned crystal brand Lalique. The glass bottles sparkle and shine when the sun is out, symbolising its ephemeral state. When the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed through the aroma inside it. An angelic moment to savour.

The man behind the brand, Rene Lalique started exploring different avenues regarding glass during the 1890s. He was known as a chief Parisian gem specialist through to 1905 when he opened another shop that displayed glass jewellery pieces alongside the gems. Since his new shop was situated close to the shop of Francois Coty, a notable perfumer, they started to coordinate efforts. The brand established itself as a luxury maker of astonishing glass perfume bottles on top of its objet d’art skills in crystal and glassware, and most importantly his jewellery.

Lalique’s first feminine fragrance, released in 1994, was a limited numbered and signed edition that was brought to life via an annual event. In 1997, along came a male fragrance.

Lalique now has several perfume lines each with its own unique angle. From fruits to flowers, leathers to woods, the expanse of exquisite ingredients is explored through the ranges.

It’s often said that calmness is one essential key for a healthy and happy life; and calmness is the cradle of flowers. Flowers are like friends; they don’t tell, and we appreciate the beautiful colours they show to our world. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said,

“Flowers are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty, outvalues all the utilities in the world”.

Similarly, fruits are another aspect of nature that blends themselves in their true form, boosting our taste buds with vitality and freshness.


For Christmas 2020 Lalique brings some delightful new fragrances to the market.

Lalique Les Compositions Perfumes

“All inspired by a precious metal, enhanced by the finest aromatic materials.”

Lalique Les Compositions Perfumes have three new fragrances in the group, especially for men. This collection mirrors the enchantment and superior skill of the existing feminine perfumers already in existence. The three newest fragrances being added are:

Imperial Green

A fragrance to celebrate our spring dotted with green trees, the warmth of the sun, and the scent of orange blossom wafting through mixed with lavender for an accent to the traditional green Fougere. Think verdant facets with soft white blooms bringing out the softer side of a man. Deeper into Ambrox and woods, warming it up with naughty patchouli and then finished off with the most regal vetiver. It is soft yet masculine, warm yet fresh.

Woody Gold

Woody Gold is second to be added to this range. Experience the light playing against a gold ornament and a sunset in a woody backdrop. The fragrance opens with a sparkling citrus fizz of brightness which includes bergamot, mandarin, and orange, like a blast of sunlight. It follows into a woody ambery, mix diving down into watery driftwood where it lands in leather amber and wood with magical tones of ambergris, tonka bean and vanilla. This fragrance is as luminous as gold and as warming as the sun.

Glorious Indigo

The third addition to this collection is Glorious Indigo, reminiscent of the lilac blue light at the end of a sunny day as the moment goes towards night. The spiritual tone which opens with sparkling cool ginger sitting against spicy cinnamon. It glides powerfully towards an inner heat of citrus with precious woods, layered with a rosy warm facest of Javanol, smokey guaiac woods, and peaty patchouli; all finished off with amber and a rare papyrus absolute.

Crystal collectibles limited edition.

Limited Edition flacons contain the Lalique Crystal Editions perfumes who also have a new family member; Crystal Edition Peony. Each numbered and marked flacon is, as ever, in keeping with the work René Lalique produced. Peony is considered the ‘King of Flowers’ in China, where it has been habitually spoken of in craftsmanship, weaving, and design. Its rich petals and clear hues have additionally made it a graceful image of ladylike excellence and of sentimental love.

This prestigious 2021 Limited Edition of the “Pivoine” flacon is presented in an ivory coffret stamped on top with a motif of peonies in full bloom. 

The perfumes essence is the core of three key ingredients that express the luxuriance of the peony in her soft tone and layered head: rose in all her glory, the sexy heady jasmine, and a magical powdery iris set off with an unexpected hint of spicy clove.

As the fragrance opens into its heart we find fruit; a crisp blackcurrant leaf offset by the juicy pear nectar and blackberries.

A subtle blend of creaminess balances the fragrance, at its base there is Mysore sandalwood and creamy vanilla, brought together in a musky hug.

The Noir Premier Collection (image on left)

This collection highlights the milestones of Lalique’s history with contemporary fragrances. The bottle holding these fragrances was inspired by René Lalique’s iconic designs. This flacon’s form echoes of the Roman numeral ‘I’. The delicate motif of wings engraved on the transparent glass edges is drawn from the ‘Cyclamen’ bottle designed in 1909 for the perfumer François Coty.

A stylised peacock feather was the inspiration for the newest flacon of Plume Blanche, printed in white on the golden façade. The flanks of the bottle are in transparent glass, adorned with the collection’s iconic cicada- wing motif. 

Plume Blanche opens with top notes of cardamom, mandarin oranges, pink pepper, and violet leaf.

Master Perfumer Karine Dubreuil-Sereni explains:

“Verdant violet leaf, zesty cardamom, sparkling mandarin and vibrant pink pepper add a pop of color to this iridescent accord in the top notes”. 

In the middle you’ll find almond leaf, benzoin, jasmine and white heliotrope:

“With its cinnamon and vanilla facets, benzoin resin brings its golden ivory tones”

Moving on to the base notes of tonka bean, patchouli, white cedar, and white musk:

“An ebony backdrop of smooth tonka bean and patchouli makes this opalescent palette even more radiant. So just go ahead: be proud as a peacock”.

Alongside the fragrance, Lalique is also offering the Noir Premier 2020 Special Edition Candle.

“Inspired by the peacock, an iconic Art Nouveau motif and a recurring theme in René Lalique’s work, the 2020 Special Edition Candle is presented in a jar embellished with a poetic peacock-feather pattern, printed in white on the golden façade”

The candle eludes the same scent of the Noir Premier Plume Blanche fragrance, a soft white floral musk. It’s just like wrapping the softest blanket of musk around your home.

A crystal bottle full of magical ingredients of the highest standards may not actually take you on a plain or a train, but they can lift your mood and transport you on a spiritual, celestial, and emotional journey higher than any plane can ever take you.

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