Scenting Through History

By Shraiyash Uniyal

Sometimes even before someone enters a room, you know it’s them, thanks to their signature scent. The scent, which in so many ways becomes an essential facet of people’s holistic personalities. Perfumes are indeed the magic spray that enhances your mood and enriches your demeanour. Think of scent as the last part of an outfit as if you are not completely dressed without it. The art of perfume-making has been around for centuries and due to labels like Clive Christian the world gets an opportunity to cherish some hidden, exquisite fragrances from the past now bought to the future. To know more about Clive Christian’s new exciting perfume and to dwell in the world of fragrance continue Here in Scenting Through History.

The use of perfumes dates back in history. Nearly every civilisation discovered, new or old, traditional or modern, prominently showed the practice of using fragrance to enhance their world.

Perfumes aren’t just an add-on to your attire. It’s an integral part of it. It completes your look. Not wearing perfume is as bad as wearing the wrong shoes. Whether you feel jolly, impish, coy or even reserved, perfumes offer various kinds of aromas for diverse moods and personalities.

The history is filled with scent fanatics, be it Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen well-renowned for her perfume baths, it is said that she even took perfume with herself to the grave. Or be it the traditional amber fragrance filled with fresh herbs and spices of spring, which is believed to have been greatly endured during the Sui and Song dynasties of China.

The essence of history in so many ways is captured in the form of perfume. The past caught in a bottle and captured for eternity. Although the scents we wear today have their roots in the past we don’t necessarily want to wear something directly from the history books. Yet perfume brand Clive Christian is doing things differently with regards our past scented world.

Being a pioneer in creating the world’s finest perfumes. They curate classics, with intense, exquisite and lasting formulations for pure perfume pleasure- the ultimate form of self-expression.

Renowned for curating the most exceptional concentration, Clive Christian’s perfumes are made with about 150-300 different ingredients and an oil inclusion of 20% or above in every bottle for increased longevity. Only the finest ingredients are used, whether this is perfectly aged 50-year-old Indian Sandalwood, the most perfect damask rose, the rarest saffron or using the latest groundbreaking perfume technology.

With bottles world-renowned for bearing Queen’s crown-shaped lids, Clive Christian this time revives a hidden fragrances of the British Perfume House by launching a new perfume for the collection, one revisited from its own archives.

Clive Christian is celebrating the 200-year-old fragrant history of the Matsukita scent which finds its roots in the Victorian era. The Crown Christian Matusukita strives to honour the fragrance from the corridors of the British Perfume House, which were once adored by many renowned historians, politicians, artists and actors of that time.

Along with the crown-shaped head, the bottle symbolises the real British past and speaks volumes about the perfume’s origin. Every bottle carries an archive image hidden for discovery beneath each bottle.

The thought behind the original perfume was inspired by a fabled Japanese princess who charmed the royal courts with her elegance and grace.  The Matsukita of today aims to seize this captivating elegance.

The scent presents with a fine blend of fresh and rejuvenating green bergamot, a pinch of nutmeg and pink pepper delving into the floral and woody heart of jasmine from the luscious Chinese imperial with smokey black tea; a base of ambers, whispering musks and woods give a warm and sensual finish. A deep sense of enigma and elegance is amalgamated into this new perfume. 

This divine perfume is crafted with about 25% complexity and is made with about 252 exotic ingredients from the fragrance family like bitter orange oil, magnolia, guaiac oil, cade oil, rose absolute, and mate tea among others. 

To redefine the narrative behind The Crown Christian Matusukita perfumes, Crown Christian has collaborated with Yukako Sakakura, a renowned artist from Japan to create a beautiful rendition of the same. Her artwork was deeply inspired by the enticing fragrance of Matusukita and set the tone for the brushes to move. 

Yukako’s designs are guilelessly inspired by the perfume and its spirit is successfully reflected in her painting. Her contemporary style of the painting depicts the perfume’s history and grace. 

Flowers speak naturally to Yukako, which is very evident in her work – You Close Your Eyes to See Our Spring. The Matusukita masterpiece silently narrates the voices of the flowers’ hearts speaking in harmony, relishing freely with the dancing strokes of the brush. 

Conveying scented tales that resonate throughout the era, The Crown Christian Matusukita are a fine curation of ancient, traditional fragrances reimagined for the modern-day. 

To know more about the The Crown Christian Matusukita collection you may click Here.

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