Scents of Spain

By Adlin Pinto

Imagine a morning’s walk on a mountain hillside in Spain at the start of a heart-warming summer’s day. The light has just come up and the day begins with its morning aroma of First Light. You smell the wild aromatic mountain flora with rosemary and pepper rock. You hear the birds chirping, as you walk past the lush greenery all around you and the sun rays glistening the panorama and warming your skin. The scent is intoxicating so powerful you could almost taste the greenery fruity and floral freshness that surround you. Imagine and read more here in Scents of Spain

Passing fields with orchards the magnificent scent rising is from the ripe and luscious fig-trees, in the beautiful Fig Grove, one that sits alongside a nearby cascade of wild jasmine. Slowing moving letting the warmth kiss your skin further towards your local village crossing warm stones, stones as old as the mountains they sit in, past the church where the door is open.

Noting the waft of coffee, brandy, and black tobacco, laced with leather and incense that reminds you of Alfredo cafe just nearby, so you stop there. But the rain decides to join you so you pause inside for some coffee as you breathe in the aromatic smell of roasted beans.

Rested and fulfilled and as the sun appears after the rain you greet that distinctive scent of lavender, lemon, and lime from the Cloudburst, that sun after rain scent. Further through the village, you mosey until you see some beautiful architectures and you pass a rose garden where you feel the smell of velvety roses with warm geranium, orange blossom like only Sacred Roses can smell. You start the slow uphill climb through wildflowers and bushes towards home because now it is siesta time, you garden sofa is calling you reminding you of the scents of warm summer afternoons when you sit between sleep and wake to rest your bones in warmth surrounded by a lullaby for your senses of lavender, juniper, and thyme ready for Siesta time.

Rested you cook, eat and then read a book and watch the sun go down over the mountain into a cooler evening when different scents of the night including jasmine and tantalising hints of rose rise into your nostrils reminding you of Galán De Noche. Finally, this beautiful gift of a sunny day in the mountain ranges of Spain comes to an end, and how grateful you are for the scent of your own personal arena.

There is something miraculous about scented candles it can help us change the vibe of our home and make us feel good. The soothing aroma of candles triggers our mind and can take us traveling to the memories of particular times, events, places, or feelings.

Our story above is based in reality. A couple named Cassandra and Jonathan built this dream and from it a collection amazing scented candle collection and diffusers. They moved to Spain and were inspired by the scents around them and created La Montana.

This brand has a range of gorgeous scented candles and room diffusers inspired by the founders’ new life in a Spanish mountain village. They are guaranteed not only to smell wonderful but also to look great on the mantlepiece each candle bears its own unique label in the style of a nostalgic 1930’s travel poster.  La Montaña candles truly are an affordable luxury.

La Montana has 9 remarkable candles in their collection seven of which are described above and two that bring the scent of Christmas and winter. So when you think about Christmas feel the warm fragrances of spicy and zesty Valencia orange like the winter orange candle and the woody fragrances of Frankincense and Myrrh from the three kings candle .

Alfredo’s Café candle 

An unusual, rich, comforting blend of the best aromas of our village square coffee, brandy, and black tobacco, laced with leather and incense from the church.

Cloudburst candle

The mountainside after a summer storm, when the dark clouds part and the sun lances through, stirring up a heavy mist of fragrance. This candle has the fragrance of Bergamot, lavender, basil, lemon and lime.

Fig Grove candle

A grove of ripe fig trees, and a nearby cascade of wild jasmine.

First Light candle

This candle is La Montaña’s signature fragrance. It has a unique, intoxicating blend of wild, aromatic mountain flora: fennel, bergamot, rosemary, mountain pepper, and rockrose

Galán De Noche candle

A heady, night scented jasmine candle, with tantalising hints of rose, orange blossom, and ylang ylang.

Sacred Roses candle

A deep, velvety rose, garlanded with warm geranium, orange blossom, and lavender, while cool chamomile evokes ancient stone.

Siesta candle

A lullaby for your senses: lavender, juniper, and thyme. Its siesta time.

Three Kings candle

Frankincense, Myrrh and Cedarwood, with trampled pine needles, traditional, homemade turrón (almond nougat) and a brightening tot of brandy.

Winter Oranges candle 

A warm, spicy, zesty blend of Valencia orange, cinnamon, red apple, and clove. This is the interpretation of the fragrance of the Valencian orange harvest that takes place throughout winter.

So, if you want to try these fragrances then The La Montaña Discovery Set gives you the opportunity to try all their fragrances in room mist form, so that you’ll know exactly how your candle or reed diffuser will perfume your home.  9 x 2.5ml sprays in a cute wallet. Sustainable, plant-derived, biodegradable, low carbon footprint, and non-toxic to humans or the environment.

So, get your hands on these amazing scents of the. beautiful Spain mountains and cobbled streeted towns.

Find out more about La Montana here.

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