Scottish Hair

By Adlin Pinto

One of the great beauties of Scotland lies in its rugged landscapes and dramatic scenery. You wouldn’t describe the rocky pinnacles on the Isle of Skye as say, pretty but these striking landmarks, along with similar natural structures all around the country, are what gives Scotland one of its particular charms. The wild cliffs, jagged mountains, and immense lochs of Scotland provide a natural beauty that begs to be explored. For all its wild beauty it is not the first place you think of when it comes to hair care and skin care, yet now it can. Enjoy reading about Scottish Hair here.

Images by Jason Yates

Along with beautiful scenery, Scotland is also famous for its fabrics like the crafts of making wools as well as their foods. We all think whisky, shortbread, and raspberries these ingredients that are so important in the economy of this country but are also items it is very proud of. Yet new crafts are appearing all the time, take for example the brand Moo & You.

A family-run, ethical company that creates luxury, vegan, high quality beauty products that are sustainable, kind to your body, the environment and the planet.

The carefully selected, natural ingredients across the range that leave every part of you feeling soft,  nourished, and smelling amazing. They produce products for the body and hair.

All the items they create contain beautiful natural ingredients including items like Marula oil which is 100% pure cold-pressed and a wonder oil for hair and skin and Icelandic moss, which is sustainability harvested and is one of the purest algae on the planet.

Here we discover Moo hair.

Miracle Shampoo. £22 ( with pump or aluminium lid).

Moo Miracle Shampoo is cleansing, gentle and nourishing for all hair types. It leaves your hair feeling clean, shiny, soft and full of body. Kind to the scalp, it nourishes with every wash and is suitable for natural and colour treated hair. The addition of natural Marula oil and Icelandic moss protect the  hair from the damaging effects of UV exposure and environmental toxins.

Miracle Conditioner. £22 (with pump or aluminium lid).

Moo Miracle Conditioner nourishes and protects the hair leaving it feeling incredibly hydrated, soft, shiny and frizz-free. Its light consistency is both natural and nourishing. It leaves your hair feeling smooth and silky. Marula oil and Icelandic moss lock-in moisture, promoting shine and protecting the hair from the damaging effects of UV exposure and environmental toxins.

Sea salt spray. £22

Create that textured, tousled, after a dip in the sea style. Adds volume and natural texture by combining sea salt with Icelandic moss. The gentle way to give you a shiny, wavy, beachy look. Marula oil helps keep the scalp healthy and helps lock in natural moisture, resulting in a cool beach style vibe that is both kind to you and the elements.

Spritz onto damp hair from roots to tips. Leave to dry naturally or blow dry gently and tousle and twist the hair to form soft beachy waves.

Take care of your beautiful hair whilst knowing you are caring for the world around you and supporting a Scottish brand can only be a good idea.

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