By Fleur Chattillon

As you walk into the soothing, cool water of the sea, the bright sun is warming your skin with sunlight. The salt of the water tickles your skin. You feel the rocks, shells and sand underneath your feet as you sink deeper into the water and the ground. The still-calm waves go against your body. Running your finger through the water you can feel and see tiny pieces of green. Deeply connected with nature you look at the green that turns out to be algae, which you can only see with the naked eye when it’s in bloom, and think: How can this microscopic plant, that we can find all around us in the sea turn into an actual shoe? Read all about it in Sea-Feet.

Algae is the fastest-growing plant on earth, and it’s a vital component of the aquatic ecosystem’s nutrient management. So it’s basically like oxygen to the sea life. But they also give oxygen to humans, even more so than trees. So algae have multiple purposes and could be really good for animals and the environment around us, but what if we even use it for more purposes than just nature, what if we create something completely new out of it?

Image by Hunter SS23

The brand Hunter, a British heritage brand renowned for its iconic Original boot, has a deep connection to sustainability and they have a history rooted in the protection of nature. They’ve created special BLOOM™ algae foam to create the most interesting pairs of footwear. A collection that is literally in Bloom.

Women’s Bloom Alage Foam Sandal Pink Fizz, Image by Hunter SS23

The shoes in the BLOOM™ collection are bold, multi-coloured, and just generally fun. The collection is made for high summer and welcomes a new silhouette to the Hunter family this season: the Unisex In/Out BLOOM™ Clog. Crafted from the brand’s innovative EVA which is blended with algae sourced by cleaning natural waterways, this new silhouette is perfect for running in and out of the water on beach days and for quick dashes outdoors when you’re at home.

Women’s Bloom Alage Foam Marble Slide Shaded White and Black, Image by Hunter SS23

The bestselling BLOOM™ Slides and BLOOM™ Sandals return in fun new colourways like zesty yellow, poolhouse blue and pink fizz.

The Summer sandals have a chunky look, and the pink fizz may look and feel like you are walking on bubblegum. The logo-slides are more sporty, but twisted up with speckled patterns and te In/Out clogs are clean and pastel-coloured.

Unisex In/Out Bloom Algae Foam Clog, Image by Hunter SS23

But you might wonder, will it really make that much of a difference by using this algae-foam material for a shoe collection? Well, every pair that they make cleans algae from natural waterways, which seals up CO2 within the product and helps reduce the number of harmful chemicals like petroleum used.

When algae grow in excess, it can be harmful to ecosystems, and BLOOM™ Algae Foam helps combat this problem. Besides the fact that the collection is very Spring-like, you’ll be protecting the future of the planet with flourishing footwear.

So as you walk out of the sea and onto the hot sand, you quickly pop on your zesty-yellow BLOOM™ Algae Foam sandals and enjoy the nature around you as well as on your Sea-Feet.

Find out more about the BLOOM™ collection here

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