Seduced by Dystopia

By Jo Phillips

Familiar Fission by Trxtr
Familiar Fission by TRXTR. Mixed Media on Canvas, 2013

The inspiration behind TRXTR’s second solo exhibition, ‘Dystopia’ is the notion of excess and its consequences. In his own words, the problem is that “in every way the Genie is out of the bottle and has become so bloated and addictive there is no way it will go back and our wishes are all used up.” The vibrant colour and powerful imagery is strengthened by his use of digital media in addition to traditional paint. Subtly reflecting his personal perspective on this contentious issue, each work is wholly overloaded with intimate if arbitrary detail. Focused on women the juxtaposition of the sexualised female surrounded by skeletons and psychedelic prints provides food for imaginative thinking. One to watch.

Chemical God Diver by Trxtr
Chemical God Diver by TRXTR. Mixed Media on Canvas, 2013

The ‘Dystopia’ exhibition runs from 19th April till 11th May 2013 at Signal Gallery, 32 Paul Street, London.

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