Seeing Things: Everyday Life Magnified

By Iris Farmer

They say it’s the little things that make life worth living, and the same goes for little observations. There’s something so human about capturing a casual moment, it represents how we live, uncovering the humour hidden within the mundane. Sometimes these little perceptions can give us an incredible insight, especially when they come from great minds, creatives, etc who more often than not, are only in the spotlight in formal arenas. Read more in Seeing Things: Everyday Life Magnified.

Fuck you and your dozen roses. Also, I’m not cooking anymore. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Roz Chast

Seeing Things: the small wonders of the world according to writers, artists and others is the perfect compilation of images and short stories to showcase those small moments we can all appreciate. These spur-of-the-moment photographs express a different kind of personal feeling that a formal, planned setup nearly always lacks and can give us an in-depth insight into the artist’s thinking that otherwise would be hidden behind a formal structured mask.

Probably not a good present to give a recovering coke-addict.

Jarvis Cocker

Encompassing everything from a social situation, a conveniently placed (or perhaps misplaced) advertisement, or a still-life image, everything included in this book will make one go “Oh, I do that too” or will simply evoke a relateable chuckle, proving to us that all humans are at least a little bit the same in our ways.

William Kentridge

Taking a look at Seeing Things is a great way to get inspired, and urges one to look past the obvious and into the nuance that our world has to offer. Pay attention to what you see, the things you pass by in the street may be happy accidents, or suble art placed there to simply make you smile. There is a neverending supply of humor in the world if you look hard enough.

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