Self-care; Do Care.

By Julie Jacobs

Because of nationwide lockdowns there was a shift in our beauty routines due to our trusted practitioners being closed.  Subconsciously we were practicing Self-care at home. And now with all the talk of the UK and the world ‘opening up’ — without restrictions – I wonder if our DIY beauty habits/practices are going to revert back to post lockdown?  Want to find out more; continue reading Self-care; Do Care.

Photography and video Jason Yates

Born out of necessity the emphasis on ‘self-care’ has grown exponentially. The term is the buzz word at the moment, you can hear it mentioned in nearly every cosmetic advert.  However, I don’t think ‘self-care’ is going anywhere soon, actually, I think it’s here to stay.  When the NHS (the UK’s health system) is allocating time and energy into ‘self-care’ you know it’s more than a momentary trend and is being taken seriously.

Self-care is more than beauty but indulge me for a moment while I do focus on my industry.

Massage is one of those treatments that is simple to do at home; all you need is a hand and a cream or oil.  Here are a few brands that have known the value of massage since their inception and have brought this to their consumer.

Face Gym Face Coach. Your skin’s personal trainer. For the company that encourages exercise for your face of course they have a range of oils to be used in conjunction with your daily exercise. This is a lightweight daily face oil that also stimulates collagen and skin elasticity. Balance Me Stellar Balm I have one of these award-winning balms in my kit. I use it for when ever I want to achieve a glow either on the face or body. It’s full of antioxidants and neroli for its balancing, restorative and rejuvenating properties to help sooth irritated skin.

The Suqqu Designing Massage Cream lives on my bathroom shelf. The two minute Suqqu Gankin massage each morning drains away my overnight puffiness. This really feels like my moment of ‘self-care’ and not like a chore. O.P.I Pro Spa Skincare Hands & Feet Moisture Whip Massage Cream strikes the perfect balance between slip and absorption making it ideal for the extremities. L’Occitane Relaxing Massage Oil is 100% natural, with blend of pure essential oils lavender, sweet orange, bergamot, mandarin and geranium. Are you sleep yet? Made also with sweet almond oil from Provence which leaves the skin supple and soft.

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