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By Jo Phillips

Getting into a comfy bed at night ready for a deep resplendent restful sleep is a thing of dreams (excuse the pun) but not that many of us sleep well easily. For those that suffer the idea of lying in a louche, loose mood ready to sleep is utterly desirable And so getting up and feeling ready to go, makes for a far more trying event. But what if you could ‘top and tail’ your day with a scent to either lull you to seep or to wake you up bright and ready? Find out more in Sensual Ease Here.

Home fragrance is a big thing, especially for so many of us who utilised home scent during times when home was our everything, when going out and about became near impossible. The ideas of scenting a home to a smell you love, say, a fresh meadow, a green and floral rose or a cascading waterfall, kept many of us sane. We may not be able to have been there but sure as not we could smell the scent of being there. And as we know, our sense of smell is a powerful thing.

Scent has such a direct effect on our brains. In simple terms it is linked via the limbic system (the way we smell works) to our memories because they actually sit next to each other in our heads. The process of smell and memory are hence connected; so good fragrance evokes powerful emotions. From restful ease to perky brains scent can take us through multiple emotions

But what if we used these elixirs to help us sleep or even wake up, basically aid our lives for the better? say creating a great ambience? To enliven or calm to self heal, relax to lull us to comfort us and even prepare ourselves?

Enter stage left industry heavyweight Laura Slatkin, a true trailblazer in the world of luxury home fragrance from home care company NEST New York. The brand have been producing mood elevating scents initially for the home but also now for the body.

Laura whilst presenting her two new home fragrances, talked of going for a spa day with her daughter and being blown away by the fresh scent of mint in the setting.

It turned out to be a simple mint oil but with this simple scent came a great idea. Why not create a vital and fresh scent one that evokes bright freshness and that makes you feel alive and vital or rested and calm just like a good spa day does? So Nest have two new candles and room scents to add to the range that service both these ends of our emotions.

Firstly meet Driftwood and Chamomile, a soft blue tone available in both sizes of candle (one and three wick) and also in a room diffuser.

Created as a scent to unplug and unwind at the end of the day; calming, comforting, and soothing. The notes of chamomile are well documented for good sleep but here added for a soft drift-away feeling, find the chamomile blended with, driftwood, sandalwood, and vanilla bean. Soft, soothing, with a warm light sweetness. Think of it like a cuddle with your favourite cashmere blanket. Hunker down and rest up, or use it to prepare your mind and body for a restful sleep or just to unwind like you would at a spa day.

Then for that fresh vibrant pick me up or exuberant feeling of greenery and botanicals meet theWild Mint & Eucalyptus collection. Again available in two candle sizes and a room diffuser. The fragrance is sage in colour; the most perfect tone of soft light green.

Use this scent to immerse yourself in your own home sanctuary infused with wild mint, eucalyptus, basil, and Thai ginger, to clear your mind and awaken your senses. Interestingly here the eucalyptus is fresh, green and clean yet not medicinal as it sometimes can be with eucalyptus and this is a the mark of a great scent.

Seemingly the ingredient has been carefully ‘spliced’ to bring only the best facets of this green plant to the candle. Splicing allows for very specific parts of the scent of a plant or flower to be taken and utilised from it rather than the ‘whole of the scent’. A well ‘spliced’ ingredient means the perfumer knowns how to get the best from an ingredient, dependent of course, on its use within its final destination.

So with the delightful fresh boom you get with the Wild Mint & Eucalyptus you are drawn into an aromatic heaven.

As ever with the Nest New York presentation is key. Each candle and room diffuser is house in a class container with etched frosted glass panels on the side, minimal elegant with enough design but not too much to sit effortlessly in your home. The candle casing of course can be reused as cups or vessels once the product is finished.

Now there is simple no excuse for not having a little me time at the beginning middle or end of the day

Nest New York can be found Here and are also available exclusively at Cult Beauty Here If you enjoyed Sensual Ease Why not read Scratch That Here

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