Setting Up

By Jo Phillips

Setting Up A Studio: Tips To Create The Perfect Art Space. An art studio is a place where an artist is truly free to express themselves, no matter what type of work they are doing. It is more than just four walls, it is a feeling. Setting up your own studio is not only fun, but it is also important. Here are some tips on how any artist can create a space for creation. Image by Gábor Adonyi

Get The Fixtures And Fittings In Place

An important element of your art and design studio is going to be lighting and access to electricity. Think of all the things you are going to need even if you only plan to paint. Good light is one thing, but you will also need internet access and an image processing laptop to promote your work.

You may need to get in touch with a handyman to help you move things around and get your lighting in place. Take a look on MyBuilder to find tradesmen in your area with reviews and recommendations from other customers. This is an easy way to find reliable electricians, plumbers, or any other type of handyman in Edinburgh or anywhere else.

Plan And Organise Your Space

Creativity needs space to flow, and supplies. To make yourself as free to work as possible, you need to make some plans for storage space as well as creative space. If you get organised at the beginning you are more likely to stay organised as you start working.

You may work in many mediums, like paints, clay, or fabrics, and each will need its own place to live in your space. Some of the materials and supplies you use may need special treatment. Flammable materials need to be stored securely with fire prevention equipment nearby.

Make Room For Relaxation

It can’t all be work, work, work. When you are being creative you need somewhere you can sit back and find a fresh perspective. Make sure you make space for relaxation and taking breaks. This is your area for you so there is no right or wrong way to do it, just fill a corner or an area with what works for you.

Access to refreshments is a good idea for this area. If you like a cup of tea or coffee when you are taking a few minutes away, have a kettle and a fridge there so you can get a drink.

Be Creative With The Space

When it comes to decor you have an opportunity to make your mark on the space and bring some of your artistic styles to the walls, ceiling, and floor. Your art studio should act as an advertisement for your ability, the themes you work with, and how you use colour.

Try to use light colours to bounce daylight around the space. It could get gloomy if you use too many dark tones and this will push up your energy bills with extra lighting, as well as affect your art.

Follow these tips and you will be able to make a space that feeds your creativity and boosts your ability. You can make an art studio anywhere, in a corner of a room or a shed in the garden. Start designing yours today.

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