Sharp: Latherlicious with Art du Soin

By Jo Phillips

Diptyque’s decadent L’Art du Soin has branched out into a gorgeous new range of skincare for the face. We were lucky enough to try out the full range and got all into a lather about it. See our fun shoot here to catch sight of what is included in the collection:


Inspired by traditional methods using a slow infusion, or “distillation” of flowers, leaves or seeds, L’Art du Soin contains damask rose, as well as white lily, clay, rice powder and petals within the products. Each have transformative properties and are multi-use which is great, yet not really a surprise from those thoughtful folks at Diptyque.

Adding water to the radiance boosting powder transforms it from a fine powder to an effective yet gentle foam cleanser, whilst for other transformative magickery before your eyes, cleansing balm devotees need to try this for latherlicious fun. Starting off as a balm, it turns to a fine oil between your fingertips before turning to a milky emulsion upon contact with water. Nothing short of Hogwarts genius involved here. For me though, my favourite has to be the infused facial water, which helps soften and cleanse the skin.

Photographer: Jeremy Coleman
Creative Director: Jo Phillips

Products L to R:

Voile Protecteur – protective moisturising lotion
Eau Infusee – infused facial water
Pommade Demaquillante – nourishing cleansing balm (pictured open on side)
Argile de Gommage – exfoliating clay
Poudre Purete – radiance boosting powder

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