Sharp: The Art of Male Makeup

By Jo Phillips

Men, Makeup, and Art.  Not an obvious equation is it.  For years the menfolk around the world have missed out on creativity, techniques, designs tailored to the male face, and the general realisation that they too can wear makeup – not as drag, caricatures, or pantomime heroes and villains, but as men, whilst decades and billions of pounds have been dedicated to the art and development for the female contingent.

This blinkered mindset looks set to be well and truly broadened thanks to the launch of a rule (and stereotype) breaking new educational book dedicated on “The Art of Male Makeup.”  Devised by makeup artist and Director at Illamasqua school of Makeup Art, David Horne, the new book opens the reader’s mind to a world of possibilities with a fabulous selection of makeup creations specifically tailored to the (sharper contours) of the male face.

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.Cent caught up with Horne, and he told us that the book was borne out of his frustration in being unable to find any material which referenced male makeup adequately:

“When I was a twenty year old growing up in a small town in Essex, THIS book would have been everything to lead my inspiration and appreciation of the genre of makeup on men.  A different perspective.  Not glamour, not drag but just make up on men. Twenty something years later and long overdue… here it finally is. It took me to travel the makeup globe to realise why I teach.

“One of the hardest parts of the book was deciding upon it’s size – how big should it be.  I didn’t want a coffee table tome, but a reference item to be used again and again.  Then it hit me, why not make it into an “adult” sized Penguin book; I LOVED those penguin books as a child, from the look and feel, to the design.  You want to hold it, to touch it.  And so this is what it became.”

The Art of Male Makeup is currently on sale for £25 plus postage (including international shipping) by placing orders direct to “”

Art of Male Makeup Credits: Art Team: David Horne, Spob O Brien, Mark Bowles / Photography & Digital Image: Daniel Ellyot Moor / Illustrashions: Achraf Amiri

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