Sharp: Time to change those pores please

By Jo Phillips

Pore change

When it comes to skincare and ageing, one of the worst things for all of us are the nasty looking after-effects on our skin.  Those enlarged pores, little scars, raised lumps and bumps, red marks, you name it, most of us have suffered or are indeed still suffering from what is also known as puberty – the changes in our skin as we age.

We say “Pah!” to puberty and adult acne, we want change…. Change of the size of our pores, change of our post blemish trauma. Change! I tell you, CHANGE.  Thankfully, we have found some great products which are directly aimed at sorting that out for us.

Enter forth La Roche Posay’s   rather fabulous (and recently reformulated to include their new patented ceramide Procerad™) blemish champion: Effaclar Duo +   

Not only does it help treat blemishes and de-clog pores, but it now helps to prevent the after-effects of spots and acne by soothing and treating the inflamed skin.  It’s extremely simple to use; simply apply after cleansing – either before moisturiser or after.  Or on its own depending on your preference.

If you’re more of a organic fan, then why not try out the Clarifying Tonic from Susanne Kaufmann’s range of Austrian based goodies.

Containing a herbal compound of master wort and ribwort to help clarify the skin, decongest, downsize the pores, and all this without drying the skin out!  There is also a plant alcohol within the ingredients which has an antibacterial effect, again helping to prevent and protect the skin from further breakouts.

Otherwise you’d be hard pressed to put a foot wrong with the Pore Reform™ product line from Murad.

Available from July this year, the new Blackhead & Pore Clearing Duo is a fast-acting, two-step treatment which extracts stubborn debris, before quickly sealing the pores to prevent them from getting clogged again.

These little bad boys help to strengthen the pores’ natural support structure and effectively reduce blackheads by keeping pores clear of those naughty free radicals (which is what causes the blockages in the first place) and regulates oil production, thereby balancing the skin’s surface layer to provide a smooth, refined and even complexion.

Boom, with that skincare problem sorted, wonder what else we can solve?!

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