Sharp: Timeless Beauties – Bring forth Karl and Joan

By Jo Phillips

As fashion goes, there’s possibly no-one sharper than the Kaiser. Aka Karl Lagerfeld.  AKA Karl.  His sharp tongue has made us titter, as well as ruffled a few sartorial feathers but the man says it how it is.  He is also something of a sharp dresser, and has maintained a signature look for some 40 years, wearing the same handmade, made to order, high white collared shirts and monochrome ensemble since becoming our own enfant terrible.

Karl Lagerfeld Regent Street Store

Enter forth, the arrival of Karl’s first UK store – also adhering to his strict monochromatic preferences – for some sharp fashion spending.  Sited in London’s Regent Street, the store houses a London inspired capsule collection including some playful, yet rebellious pieces inspired by London’s “rock-chic” aesthetic as well as traditional English Military influences and priced within reach; especially the super cute accessories including the dolls (below)


Karl Lagerfeld Accessories

Whilst on the acting and beauty plane, we have the decadent glamour of Madame Joan Collins. A timeless beauty and glamourpuss from eras we can only dream about, Joanie has gone and launched her very own makeup range and beauty tome.

Joan Collins - an original Diva
Joan Collins – an original Diva


Called Timeless Beauty, the collection has been designed with Art Deco influences in mind, hence the glamorous gold packaging, whilst shades are named with cheeky references to the colourful characters which make up Joan’s acting past, such as The Alexis lipstick.

Joan Collins makeup range

Here, Joan explains a bit more about her range:

Joan’s new range can be found on or sold via QVC and has an affordable price range between £12 – £50, which, when you consider you’re buying into a diva’s lifestyle, isn’t too bad at all.  Timeless Beauty also features nail varnishes, blushers, eyeshadow palettes, fragrances, as well as crystal-embellished tools and accessories.

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