Shelter – No Frills Fabulous

By Rebecca McNelly-Tilford

Mother Of Pearl have created a new collection called No Frills, which they refer to as ‘A core collection to celebrate luxury fashion with a conscience’


Let’s face it, any brand that does not take into account, not just the environment, but also the changing way we are all shopping really is a sleeping dinosaur.  Even though Burberry have announced they will no longer use fur, (and stop burning non-sold goods) the main movement from fashion brands changing the very nature of their business seems to come from smaller brands Like Mother of Pearl, Phvlo and Supreme. Not necessarily all going green but certainly about presenting nonseasonal options and far more flexible ways for consumers to buy.

Amy Powney, the creative director of Mother of Pearl, found it was in fact, cheaper to produce ethically sustainable clothing. It is traceable all the way from the supply chain to the cotton fields and sheep farms to ensure it’s as sustainable as possible, as well as checking the farming practices and worker welfare.



No Frills is Mother Of Pearls first collections that is completely sustainable, a touch onto a bigger concept and a long-term mindset. The ‘No Frills’ mission is to create a fully sustainable collection that doesn’t compromise on style or price: with a long-time aim of infiltrating this mantra into the full Mother of Pearl world.’ 

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The collection uses organic materials that contain fewer chemicals, 100% sustainable cotton and wool, which can be traced back to the farms it came from. This resulting in a minimum impact on the planet and those who live on it, as well as reducing carbon emissions.

The collection itself is distinctly Mother Of Pearl with feminine detailing with an overall masculine silhouette. With intricate detailing of pearls, which are recognizably Mother of Pearl, as well as fabrics of denim, and jacquard which are all of course sustainable.
Double-breasted blazers textured floral, ruffles and cropped trousers are key pieces to the collection that overall add to the idea of ‘serious fashion, not to be worn too seriously.’

The collection will hit stores in the first week of September.

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