Shelter; Strength in BVLGARI MAN Wood Essence

By Sophie Field



From urbanite to nature’s reveller, MAN Wood Essence by BVLGARI inhabits both in this new fragrance.

The house of BVLGARI takes its roots in a Grecian silversmithing family from Epirus. Moving to Rome, Sotirios Bulgari founded his Italian Jewellery company in 1884, and launched the Via Condotti shop in 1905, now the company’s flagship store.

The designer was inspired by both Byzantine and Islamic art, combining these with floral models and silver finishings. His jewellery then evolved to take on new styles, gradually becoming synonymous with coloured stones and rounded forms that were worn and celebrated by the likes of 1950s heroines Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor.

Their fragrance, Man Wood Essence, is an ode to their illustrious history; generously coated in an opulent Emerald colour, the bold bottle design with gold cap recalls the Jewels made famous by more than a century of incredible workmanship and design by the luxury powerhouse.

The modern-day man takes on, climbs and thrives with this powerful woody yet urbane scent.


Look up at your city skyline where a constant stream of buses, trains, trams, aeroplanes appear, narrowly missing cloud-touching skyscrapers that shoulder offices of a thousand lights and swivelling chairs, harbouring millions of ant-like humans, seemingly lost in the thick of it all. But BVLGARI Man Wood Essence lifts up our modern day city dweller out of this overwhelming metropolis and into a meditative instant, harkening back to humankind’s obligation to nature, we are invited to perfectly border and inhabit both nature and urbanity; surviving confidently modern day to day life.

We climb first through branches of bright tree-top notes of Italian Citrus and Coriander, which adorn the strong trunk of middle notes Cypress Wood and Haitian Vetiver. Then left to discover are its’ beautiful and earthy deep roots, heavenly tangles of Cedar Wood, Ambergris Accords and Benzoin Siam. The fragrance powerfully embodies nature’s skyscraper, rooting itself at the heart of the modern-day man’s life, bordering both urban living and nature in an amalgamation of zesty green woody scents.

The whole fragrance comes together in a beautiful embodiment of life energy, inner strength, and connection for today’s modern man.

BVLGARI – MAN Wood Essence


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