Shoot for the Moon, Land in Chanel

By Bella Pallett

Looking towards the sky, the blinking stars shone brightly providing glimmers of light amongst the darkness. Dreaming of a world filled with innovation and luxury she closed her eyes and made a wish just as a big light flashed across the sky. Too big for a shooting star but too small for a plane, she opened her eyes and continued musing of this world, unaware of what had flashed above her. Read more in Shoot for the Moon, Land in Chanel.

Always known for innovative thinking and creating a big impact, the leading luxury brand Chanel is celebrating the 100th anniversary of their signature scent Chanel No5 in a spectacular way by creating an interactive spaceship in Heathrow Aiport Terminal 5. One of several birthday events for the heavenly scent, the spaceship has been curated to engage Chanel customers in an out of this world experience.

Partnering with leading travel retailer Dufry, and media specialists JCDecaux, Chanel has unveiled their new immersive Chanel No5 Spaceship in the departures lounge at Heathrow Airport. Taking over Terminal 5 in a big way, the interactive pop-up begins with a ‘Find No5’ Game which allows travellers to explore the pop-up space to find hidden No5 stickers in a treasure hunt across the lounge.

Launching a No5 Spaceship within London Heathrow Terminal 5, Chanel is inviting their customers to expand their universe by celebrating the festive allure of Chanel through the immersive shopping experience inside the new spaceship during its activation.

Shoot for the moon

With not only the opportunity to win big prizes from Chanel, the activation of the spaceship also offers Chanel’s extensive fragrance line alongside a curated selection of skincare and make-up products. To make the celebration even bigger, the pop-up is the only travel retail point of sale to offer the Chanel Advent Calendar that has been highly sought after.

The activation also includes beauty tech innovation as customers can step inside the spaceship and watch as an augmented reality-powered screen applies a Chanel make-up look whilst transporting the customer into space.

Shoot for the moon

By seeing the luxury products already applied first hand, as well as getting to experience digital innovation the spaceship takes the customer on a virtual reality beauty journey that transports them to outer space on a journey of interactivity and celebration.

By continuing the brand’s journey of innovation and luxury, the Chanel No5 Spaceship has created a big impact and provided customers with the opportunity to dream big as they are transported to outer space surrounded by beauty.

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