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By Jo Phillips

Our world has changed beyond recognition over the past few years with the worldwide devastation of covid being just one marker. One key trend that has grown from all this shifting in thinking are ideals bought about (as they so often are) by the new generation coming through and bringing a new set of values with them. Change is slight, to begin with always, but it grows quickly with momentum, what the new thinking is coming only from a few soon becomes the norm. Find out more in Shop Bright & Right Here

There is in the air a palatable change going on. It’s very much driven by the next level of consumers coming through but it’s a very important change and one that is truly a good shift in all our thinking and behaviour.

The new trend we are seeing and one that is only going to grow and grow is all about how we all choose to spend our money. Things are tight for many, but what this seachange is, is all about who we spend our money with and why we spend it with them.

In very simple terms people no longer want to spend their pennies and Pounds Yen, Dollars or Euros with brands whose only aim in their business is to make more and more money for themselves. Not only will companies like this suffers fewer profits as consumers no longer wish to engage with this style of business but they will also see that people will not want to work for them.

The bottom line is plainly put. As a business, if your only aim is profit and you don’t put back in some shape or form, you will increasingly find your profits squeezed but also fewer and fewer young people wanting to work for you. This new dynamic breed of people coming through quite simply are far more discerning than ever before about not just where they shop, but what each business does with its profits, how it treats its staff as well as its green footprint.

They don’t see a problem with profit, they see how you can turn profit into good and that’s where they will be spending their cash and that’s the type of company they want to work with; note it’s with and not for.

Over the next few years expect to see businesses promoting their charity arms, their green footprint how they treat their staff and more and more about how they give back. But it’s fair to say there are businesses that have always done this or have long-standing programmes in place

One such company is Value Retail the owners of specialist luxury shopping destinations such as the UK’s Bicester Village, for discounted options on brands’ full-price offerings creating new opportunities for discerning customers.

There are 11 spacious, open-air pedestrianised streeted villages across Europe and China with a curated selection of the world’s leading brands.

Eight years ago they started a programme to help young fashion designers through the Creative Spot. Having supported young designers in pop-up shops through the villages, the company realised that there was a need beyond the visibility and sale support that was already being offered. 

So with their in house experts, they have been offering specific support in business development, brand strategy, branding, wholesale management,  digital communication, finance and cash flow management, business plan development, customer engagement, and of course retail advice.

This project has spanned designers in the UK in collaboration with the British Fashion Council, in  Italy with the Camera Nazionale Della Moda, Green Carpet Awards and Vogue Talents, alongside winners of the Fashion Trust Arabia 

Both a “masterclass model” on specific subjects, as well as year-long support to help develop the business.  An example of items they have offered includes a digital marketing and communication class for the designers that are part of the Creative Spot as well as sessions on Retail.

They are supporting the BFC Mentorship Hub initiative through mentors offering subject-specific times for designers to book.

So this is all about giving back to the industry that ultimately feeds it; Fashion. And this is the future. Because when funds are tight be choose about who you choose to spend your pennies, Pounds, Euros Dollars and Yen with.

To find out more about Value Retail and all their villages please visit Here and find information on all the villages in China Here

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