Sicily; a Bite of the Scent

By Olivia Newby

Treasure is held deep within the vineyards of Sicily. But not the grape vineyards as you might expect, but the rich and delectable fruits like lemons, oranges and even pineapples. The dominance of culture and gastronomic imprint of the island of Sicily is in its capital, Palermo. The main source of ingredients for the trio of Eaux de Toilettes released by the fashion house Dolce and Gabbana and their perfumes The Fruit Collection have captured the cultural essence of Italian nature. Read more here in Sicily; a Bite of the Scent.

But how did Dolce and Gabbana capture the essence of a renaissance country in three bottles of perfume? Firstly, Sicily is most fortunate for its fruit vineyards. The fruit of the country is praised tremendously worldwide in juices and liqueurs. The fashion house Dolce and Gabbana are heavily inspired by their Italian heritage incorporating the history of the country not only into their clothes but also in perfumes.

With the Dolce and Gabbana Fruit Collection fragrances, we are embodied by a trip to the coast. With all things that come juicy, the fresh taste of Sicily is captured in a trio of Eaux de Toilettes; Scilly; a bite of the scent, explores these three.

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A meaningful collaboration across Europe with perfumer Jérôme Epinette and Marie Salamagne entices a grip of Sicily in the comfort of your own home ground. The concept of the trio fragrances is heavily conceptualised around the idea of the ‘Smell -The- Taste’ technology. The transfusion of flavours and food originating from Sicily, ‘drunk’ into the fragrance. The cutting-edge technology fondly used by Marie Salamagne, enchants you with an aroma of Sicilian treasures.

To tell the story of the Eaux de Toilettes trio, we are going to go back to time to 850AD. Where sublime citrus mandarins and tangerines were brought into the country by the Arabs. However, it isn’t just the Arabs that we should be thanking for this temple of fruit, but eruptions of molten lava. Sicily is home to one of the most active volcanoes in the world, Mount Etna. The past and present volcanic eruptions do come with some positive news for the citrus family. The eruptions slaving through the city in fact have made the soil incredibly rich and fertile, which is responsible for the Sicilian oranges to have such rich and distinct taste. 


Sicilian Orange and Bergamot fundament the Orange perfume from the collection. Creating an aromatic scent, with a baseline of Iris, Musk and Amber too. The spray sets off with the Bergamot, Basil and complimentary citrus to create a spiciness. The rich Sicilian fruit enchants the volcanic soil from bloom, becoming a zesty sweetness as a warming scent wears onto you. 

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Journeying through the East coast we have arrived south of Sicily, renowned for the Palermo markets. You are envisioning tables flowing, your senses with colour, smells and an atmosphere of exotic produce. Sicilian families trek their carts through the tourist-whelped crowds to visit the vendors they’ve purchased from for decades. You have your eye on the prize, the platter of lemon to indulge. An array of fruit, there’s just that refreshing factor with lemons, not only in a fragrance but also in a dessert. Squeezed onto a salad or fish? From smell to bite, the zing is so aromatic. 

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Now remove yourself from the markets. Take a breath of fresh air from Sicily’s aura as we continue to embark on our journey. What do you smell running along the coast? A complex overdose of sweetness? Innocent Orchid? Or some warm ornamental Jasmine? The Dolce and Gabbana Fruit Collection Pineapple fragrance is overwhelmed with the complexity of the fruit blend. The third perfume follows the spiritual wisdom from the ancient city. Embodied with a rare find, is not found in the Palermo markets. Fruity and tropical, the Pineapple fragrance embodies a scent that gets warmer as you wear it because of the Orchid, Jasmine and Vanilla.

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Dolce and Gabbana fashion house is deeply inspired by their Italian heritage. The release of the trio of fragrances is a compliment to the fashions of the designer’s brand identity.

The gentleman praised for his creative and technical expertise was the nose Jérôme Epinette who ‘played a sweet sector’ by being the creative in both the lemon and orange fragrances. An award-winning perfumer Epinette has been honoured with such prestige for his collaborations as well as his own scents. It was for his mum to thank for establishing a legendary career for Epinette. Owning perfumes shops in Burgundy, where the family was born and raised, it was then his passion for fragrances began. 

Capturing the essence of Sicily in the Fruit Collection is Marie Salamagne. A perfumer, Salamagne has worked for countless fashion house fragrances as part of her career. Born in Paris, the aspiring perfumer had a fascination with smells during childhood. After she obtained a degree in chemistry, she studied at the Versailles ISIPCA perfume school, trained at Charabot then joined Firmenich, a fragrance and flavour business. It was in 2001, the start of Salamagne’s career treasuring her with a legacy of class fragrances that she has created. 

Each of the Eaux de Toilettes trio comes in a single-sized bottle of 150ml. The collection was released with deep roots in the Dolce and Gabbana Maiolica design predominantly featured in the fashion house’s previous collections. Inspired by motifs of Sicily’s illustrious Maiolica renaissance is a type of pottery artwork that is tin-glazed onto decorative surfaces. The designs depict historical and mythical scenes of Italian known as istoriato wares. The inspiration of the design feature is a staple moment for the glass fragrance bottle shape. And just to finish off the bottle a fruit sits atop the lid.

To find out more about the Dolce and Gabbana Fruit collection please visit here

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