Side Stories with Side Story: The Strange Scent of Strangers.

By Camilla Iannucci

They waft past leaving a delicate yet evocative trail of scent, rich with citrus, smoke, and wood. A smell illuminating the room even if the wearer has left. Longingly your heart follows drawn by the hypnotic trail, the silage of the fragrance. Intrigued, but who is this person and what is their story? The idea that beauty lies in the mystery of people’s lives, of humans’ hidden stories and experiences, and the scent they wear to express it goes hand in hand with the philosophy of the perfume brand Side Story. Find out more in Side Stories with Side Story: The Strange Scent of Strangers.

The lingering trail of fragrance the wearer leaves summarises their most authentic intimate traits making them its own, re-elaborating stories that can only be told through smell.

Each of the six fragrances from Side Story boldly talks about people’s individuality, giving a hint of the uniqueness of their identity. Through the crescendo of smells, feeling the soft touch of memories and the hypnotising powers of the silage of the fragrance.

Founded by Muj Rana, the brand stands by the idea that people deserve intimacy with themselves and with others. The name itself, ‘Side Story’ describes a mosaic of memories and tales that lurk within each one of us. Reminding us that the incredibly complex and enigmatic inner world of a person can be uncovered by the smallest details, such as their scent.

The brand gives the wearer an evocative language in which to express their individual stories, with the scent’s projection leaving a captivating signature trail. The fragrances are nuanced with notes that evoke histories, passions, and pleasures. Six distinctive stories serve as the inspiration.

Diving into each symphony of smells, ‘Pillow Talk’ conveys the feeling of morning light spilling into the bedroom. Reminding the colourful and reassuring sounds of the city. The intimate notion of wanting to stay in bed, only caring about the soft linen rather than time passing. The top notes are Bergamot, Orange, Cinnamon, Gaiacwood, Patchouli, Peru Balsam and Musk. While the middle notes are Ylang Ylang, Orris and Amyris Bark. Creating a cocktail of familiar and spicy scents.

‘Third Date’ conveys that buzz you feel when you meet a fellow soul. An electric feeling you can clearly feel but hardly explain. The peculiar sense of stability and stillness you get after a third date, feeling the excitement of a potential future intimate connection. The base notes are Vanilla and Musk balanced by the Muddle notes being Tuberose and Patchouli. All topped up by the audacious top notes of Plum and Ginger. Fresh, sweet and savoury this scent describes a very definite scenario.

‘4PM Matinee’ describes the safety and love you feel towards yourself. That glowy confidence you get when finding stability within yourself. Free from people’s comments, 4PM Matinee talks about empowerment and courage. A fragrance for singular characters, hopeless romantics, and incurable optimists through Vanilla, Styrax, Vetiver and Muskits as base notes. mixing with its middle notes of Geranium and Lavender. Finishing up with the top notes being Bergamot, Cardamom, Nutmeg and Thyme.

‘Hotel Lobby’ brings us straight to perceive that comfortable feeling of home outside home. Time passes making the excitement grow. It wants the wearer to feel in a hotel bar, surrounded by cozy cushions and dimmed lights. The base notes being Sandalwood, Coconut and Vanilla set the tone for the atmosphere. While the middle notes are
Pepper, Patchouli and Cypriol. Topping everything up with the notes of Fig Leaf and Oud. An enveloping and comforting scent, that reminds you of that invigorating feeling you feel when knowing there’s an unknown world to discover outside.

‘Sunday Service’, Unlike the others, focuses on soft, morbid notes describing the soft, morbid feeling of acceptance and introspection. The notion according to which, despite things changing around us, what’s under our skin barely changes. As people evolve some things stay the same. Just like the crisp air circulating in a church or the hypnotising music played by the organs. With Ciste Labdanum, Frankincense and Gurjum Balsam as base notes. Rose and Patchouli as middle notes. Plus, Saffron and Pepper as top notes. The scent is familiar and yet unexpected, just like a place is when visited for the first time after years.

‘Road Trip’ portrays a stimulating and childish scenario. The idea of enjoying the journey without caring about the destination. The smell of freedom mixed with a hint of fear. It’s an ‘unbalanced’ combination of scents as it features peach and Petit Grain (Bitter Orange) as top notes, slightly overpowering the middle and base ones. Just like the excitement of being out of a usual place, overpowers the nervousness of the unknown destination. A luscious fragrance featuring Vetiver, Sandalwood, Coconut and Vanilla as base notes and Neroli, Pepper and Clary Sage as middle ones.

‘Side Story’, romanticises the notion of recognising someone using their sense of smell. As our scent sets its roots into the deepest, darkest corner of our souls, it defines our identity in the eyes of others. Each of us unique choosen scent, then, symbolises our most vulnerable and enigmatic sides intertwining.

To enhance the experience, the brand pairs each product with beautiful imagery. Each picture evokes an intense and particular story. Describing the fragrance itself, matches with the feeling the product is supposed to resemble.

By introducing visual context, Side Story humanises its products, truly making them resonate with the most profound and complex emotions.
The light in each picture echoes back the depth of the smell. That, along with the carefully arranged settings places the fragrances in an alternative reality, so familiar it feels tangible.

Just like a careful lover, the brand is sensible and observant towards emotions. This brings the custumers to establish a true love story between them, the fragrance and the people around the wearer. . Because as ‘Side Story’ believes the most authentic truth, lies in the smallest details.

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