Silence isn’t “Silent”

By Gaurav Gujar

In this 21st century, with all the technology available at our fingertips, there still are some sensational silent films which feel thoroughly complete with the music and background score filling in, the void of speech. Music is such a powerful tool which can convey emotions and feelings without words and again, this kind of film is understood, enjoyed and appreciated across the globe irrespective of ethnicity, cultural practices and language barriers.

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Here is a very interesting list of modern-time silent films for all of us to explore and enjoy. Emotion is the key language used which is understood by us all.

Dr. Plonk 2007 (comedy)

This hilarious film directed by Rolf De Heer is surely worth watching just for the plot and the way everyday nuances are interpreted making you shed tears laughing.

Silent Sonata 2011 (Drama)

A Slovenian war drama where a man lives in a half-demolished house with his children after his wife dies. Directed by Janez Burger, the plot surprises us with a circus director stumbling into their life and an unusual trail of events starts whilst the war situation is around them.

The Artist 2011 (romance)

Michael Hazanavicius gave one of his best works in a form of a silent film. It is a romantic plot making you blush at times and appreciate the beauty of simplicity in romance. The actors’ performance is phenomenal. Definitely a date night movie!

Blancanieves 2012 (fantasy)

This particular Spanish black and white movie is a modern take on the classic fairytale ‘Snow White’ directed by Pablo Berger. How perspectives may change the way we look at classic stories is portrayed beautifully with amazing music and background score.

Archeo 2013 (Drama/Fantasy)

Jan Cvitkovičl created a masterpiece in which it’s just 3 people and one planet. It’s about survival and the journey on these desolate landscapes. The unnerving music holds us to the story and takes us into it.

Weekends 2017 (Drama)

This 16-minute animated film directed by Trevor Jimenez tells a story of a young boy coping with divorced parents leading to the shuffling of houses. The amazing hand-animated film set sequences and limelight on the domestic realities do feed your train of thoughts. Really interesting!

Good Intentions 2018 (Drama)

Anna Mantzaris; the Swedish director brings us a story of a hit and run case and the way the woman responsible behaves under overpowering guilt followed by irrational behaviour. This short 9-minute thriller does keep on the edge of the seat and stop-motion animation is superbly executed.

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