Simple Meets Suave

By Emily Zoeller

Seasons come, seasons go, it’s now time to start thinking about the next season A/W23. Net-A-Porter has revealed what they will be showing on their site for the new trends in beauty and fashion, from glamourous gadgets to modern minimalism. With the rise of social media trends and TV and film, aspects of these things have definitely introduced new trends to the world, and some have only recently become popular. Read more here in Simple Meets Suave.

Since 2020, we’ve seen a rise in comfy casual, especially on the runway: Loewe and Bottega Veneta are no strangers to relaxed aesthetics, but still make it look luxurious. This year, it is believed that wardrobe necessities are in. Who can go wrong with a white shirt, a trench coat or even a tank top? To add a pop of individualism, belts and accessories such as subtle hoop earrings or a dainty necklace can complete any ‘basic’ outfit.

Image of Ahlumalia

On the topic of necessities, another trend hitting the runway recently has been attention to detail. Alongside jewellery and sunglasses, cinched waists and hosiery has made an appearance, and can even be complemented with wardrobe necessities. Layering a plain shirt with a cropped jumper, and even blanket dressing by McQueen in a poncho-style outfit.

Image of Burberry

And with the public’s love for comfort, it’s only natural for designers to take the modern minimalist approach to everyday wear: neutral tones, simple yet professional office wear, and authentic monochromatic tones are taking to the runway at full force.

Image of Natasha Zinko

This year, it is also believed a pop of colour, in particular red, will be a huge success for fashion. Although the rise of hot pink has engaged the public after the infamous Barbie trailer was released, red symbolises a sensual, classy, mature look in any outfit, giving the wearer a sense of confidence, as it symbols passion and adventure.

Image of Bora Aksu

Alongside film, TV has also had a major impact on the fashion industry. With the rise in popularity of HBO’s Succession, formal suits and office wear with a twist have come into light, with large collars, and cropped blazers. A look of suave professionalism.

Image of Eudon Choi

As night falls, sleek and elevated evening wear is seen to be the next new trend: no more sequins and sparkles, but relaxed and minimal outfits for a posh dinner or drinks at a fancy bar. An evening with ease.

Image of Molly Goddard AW23 Credit: Ben Broomfield Credit Social: @photobenphoto Copyright: Ben Broomfield Photography

Fashion isn’t the only thing trending. This year marks 10 years of beauty within Net-A-Porter since they became the first online global retailer of luxury beauty in 2013, and what better way to celebrate this than looking at trends in beauty this year, according to the luxury retailer.

A wide range of beauty devices have entered the industry, some much more futuristic than others. As routines become more technical, people are swapping the classic pimple treatments for light therapy in an almost robotic-looking mask to tackle those pesky spots. Alongside this, dry-brushing, face rolling and the gua sha, all used to lift and sculpt the face and body, have also made their way into beauty routines.

Image by Net-a-Porter

Due to more engagement on social media and the red carpet, people are far more likely to purchase a makeup product they’ve seen featured online. In a world of Instagram, makeup trends spread like wildfire. This year, the most loved shade continues to be pink: Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipstick is a clear favourite.

After the COVID-19 lockdown, it was evident that people were buying more skincare than makeup. Since then, customers took a different approach with the makeup they were buying: makeup that was natural-looking, the ‘I woke up like this’ no-makeup makeup look. And with brands such as Pat McGrath and their fabulous concealers, or Westman Atelier’s Complexion Drops, it’s simple for a customer to complete the natural look.

Image by Net-a-Porter

Recently, we’ve seen a ‘skin-ification’ of haircare products: scalp scrubs, serums, and treatments. And brands have noticed this: luxury skincare brands such as Augustinus Bader and Dr. Barbara Strum have opted for their formulations of skincare to be used in haircare too.

It’s not just the skincare on your face that needs looking after. People have recently become more invested in body care, taking care of the skin below the chin. Body retinol, body butter and lotions, and beauty products for the body that contain the same ingredients and actives as regular skincare products.

Image by Net-a-Porter

Net-a-Porter believes the future of fashion and beauty in the next 10 years is revolutionary, compared to 10 years ago when they first started as a retailer of luxury. And with minimalism meeting bright lipsticks, or a pop of colour mixed with a glamourous belt, there’s something for everyone this year.

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