SKIN: Artificial

By Leah Sinclair


Skin has been the subject of art exhibitions for decades, and today we are exploring the ethics and advancements of skin in a technologically progressed world.

‘Living Matters,’ an exhibit from Amsterdam art collective Transnatural Workspace, is a project which exists out of algorithmic generated wearable structures, that are covered with materials made from bacterial cellulose.

The design essentially explores the aesthetics and functional potential of the grown materials combined with digital fabrication methods, and aims to asses the artificial, manipulated life. From materials and tissues, to the margining of life and technology, The Skin project questions whether we can tell the difference between the real and the fake, where life and technology go hand in hand.

Living in a constantly progressive world, where design and scientific innovation prevails, this art project speaks directly to the culture of now, and the future of new forms of manipulated life, synthetic fabrication and more.

The exhibition is currently open until 27th March 2015 at Transnatural Workspace, Lijnbaansgracht 148a Bg Amsterdam.




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