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By Natasha Nitturkar

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Life happens – the good, the bad, the ugly- it shows up on our skin. It is the mirror to how we really feel and not just in our everyday health but also in our mental health. It is important that we maintain the relationship between our mental and physical state if we want bright shiny healthy skin. So before you go for your favourite tub of ice cream or take another of that espresso shot, here is another way to cope with all the pressure of daily life and how it shows up on our faces. -Dr Dennis Gross B3 Adaptive SuperFoods collection. Here is a range of skincare to combat stress- from Dr Dennis Gross B3 Adaptive these revolutionary treatments heal the stress of life in your skin

A new range of skincare created specificaly to deal with the emotional and physical stress we go through on a daily basis because it affects our skin

The collection is revolutionary for a start. To begin with, it combines superfoods like avocado’s and goji berries and adaptogens that are derived from superherbs and mushrooms, and this new range by Dr Gross helps to enhance the body’s ability to cope with stress. Superfoods are common and well known, but the real secret here are the adaptogens and his unique delivery system for these.

Adaptogens are non-toxic plants that can help the body to combat and resist stressors of all kinds. Whether physical, chemical or biological, these herbs and roots have been used for centuries in Chinese and Ayurvedic healing traditions and are having a renaissance today.

But just applying these superfoods on your face is not enough. You can’t just slither an avocado on top of your skin and expect it to work miracles. In order for them to be effective, these magic products need to get deep down into the fabric of your skin through the lipid barrier (The lipid barrier is part of the skins’ protective barrier which holds moisture and protects the skin from damage and impurities). And this is where Dr.Dennis Gross new unique revolutionary delivery system comes to work. 

This new BAdaptative SuperFoods skincare regime ensures that your skin receives a maximum nutritional benefit with its ‘Bi-Layer Delivery’ system that includes Liposomal encapsulation and Esterification.

Simply put, it means that the nutrients needed are encased into liposomes which can penetrate through the skin barrier and down in the skin allowing the esterified ingredients to be absorbed by the skin cells, which results in reducing five signs of stress-induced aging. Think of the delivery system like this a round peg delivered into a round hole. If the ingredient and the ‘hole’ are not the same shape they cannot meet.

Dr Gross’s new line of skin care is all about combining science with nature. According to him, what we put on our skin needs to be more than just a topical application. It needs to penetrate past the hyperderma (the top layer of the skin) to the derma and then past that deep into the part of the skin that deals with healing.

 The skin is your first layer of defense and the first place that shows your wear-and tear. So when life happens, the effects show up on your face, here are some tools to combat your stress. The range of skincare consists of:

  • Stress Rescue Super Serum 

Powered by niacinamide (B3) plus 10 superfoods and adaptogens, this cold-preserved complex serum delivers potent maitake mushroom, maca root, cacao and goji berry to your skin. The suggested twice a day application helps to instantly relieve redness, prevent flare-ups and smooth out tension induced worry lines. 

  • Stress Repair Face Cream 

Packed with essential nutrients like avocado, kiwi, cordyceps mushroom and Kakadu plum, this face cream helps to increase skin’s resilience to stress and hydrate it for a healthier-looking skin. 

  • Stress SOS Eye Cream 

This nourishing eye cream contains six superfoods and seven adaptogens and works around reducing worry lines and puffiness under your eyes.

So whether you are stressed about work or training for a marathon recharge your skins battery with the all new B3 Adaptive Superfoods and just relax. Its good to know that the nutrients we really need to look after our most precious asset can really get directly to where it is needed.

So here are some tools to combat stress- from Dr Dennis Gross B3 Adaptive these revolutionary treatments heal the stress of life in your skin. Click here for the Dr Dennis Gross

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