SKIN: In the flesh

By Leah Sinclair


Humanness. The very essence of who we are, from our skin and bones to our souls. In the flesh confronts the idea of humanness, and the experiences of having a human mind enfleshed in a human body.

Our humanness fulfils a range of emotions, some of which are unsettling to joyous. The human mind sees beyond itself and its flesh and bones, connecting with other minds and emotions. This concept is explored through the portraitures of Australian contemporary artists Jan Nelson, Patricia Piccinini, Ron Mueck, Sam Jinks, Yanni Floros and mind.

The sensory space exhibition looks into the mind and body, as they clash and become entangled, while embracing key human moments like vulnerability, alienation, intimacy, acceptance, mortality and more.

The connection between our mind and body is a life long mystery that those in art, science, religion and more have tried to figure out. While we still marvel at questions unanswered, this exhibition certainly fulfils a curiosity and insight into our own psyche and emotions, all viewed through a chronological journey of photography portraying birth, life and ultimately death.

In the flesh is currently on display at The National Portrait Gallery, Australia, and is available to attend until 9th March 2015.


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