Englebert Strauss

By Jo Phillips

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As news is buzzing of cold weather about to hit breaking point in Europe, clothing that keeps us warm is what we desire the most!

Looking for a new level of protection from the cold?  Look no further than Engelbert Strauss for garments which fulfil this need. Engelbert Strauss are a global brand dedicated to activity and workwear. Thankfully, they have embraced practical thermal clothing to be worn under us like a second skin, alongside hardwearing protection clothing for both work and play.  From menswear to womenswear, these garments includes their head ladies winter functional long sleeved shirt made of thermal insulation, to  e.s functional long sleeve thermo stretch-x-warm, which includes features such as breathable and fast drying FIBERtwin thermo, and made of soft fleece. This is the sort of technology we are now expecting in order to fight off the chills.

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These specialist garments vary in style, including jumpers, leggings, long johns and onesies, allowing us to be cosy and comfortable under our clothes, skin right next to our skin,  keeping us toasty during th0se cold winter months.

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However, for the fashion savvy individual who wishes to walk the icy streets of London looking their best, we think some of these undergarments are becoming bold enough to be worn over rather then under! We’ve discovered some select pieces, which may be from a workwear and utility perspective,  but also have a certain cool design factor. Created specifically as clothes for cold spaces like refrigerated areas or outwear pieces, these garments have the construction and flair which could have been inspired by Comme Des Garçons and Alexander Wang if you know how to carry them off!

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This very current sportswear trend has been ruling the catwalk this season, can be seen to come directly from utility brands like Engelbert Strauss. Here we show you the minimalist quilted thermal jacket Amsterdam and the thermal trousers Rotterdam. Embracing thermal gear beyond its innate use, we are seeing an influx of thermal wear as cool, wearable pieces. If you dare to wear these affordable and pragmatic looks, you too can remain stylishly warm while kitted out in practical thermal gear. Who said you had to compromise style for warmth? Its like going back to where the trends originated and that would be from the workwear brands themselves.

Whether you want clothes that emulate a second skin which is warm and fitted, or padded and quilted with a stylish flair, the variety of Engelbert Strauss allows you to embrace your inner fashion forward self while remaining warm, warm, warm.


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