Smells Like Gdańsk

By Lysandre Leconte

Walking through the wide-open streets notice how they are filled on either side with candy-coloured gothic houses, keep on going through the large historic squares surrounded by bright green spring trees. stroll down to the water’s edge for a lick of salt in the air this picturesque city in Poland is situated at the southern edge of Gdańsk Bay. Go through pedestrian walkways flanked at both ends by elaborate city gates walk where kings and queens have passed. This part of the city is sometimes referred to as the Royal Route since it was once the former path of processions for visiting Royals of Poland, so walk with the regal and smell the city, noticing what comes to mind? Find out more in Smells Like Gdańsk, Here.

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Walk onto Długa Street, one of the most lovely places in the Polish Baltic city of Gdańsk. Both sides of the street are full of cafés and restaurants, sit, have a drink, look at the rich culture and history of this beautiful place.

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A true cultural journey that will transport you into the beauty of this Polish city. Existing since the Middle Ages and spanning the centuries, this site, so full of charm and character it could quite possibly seduce you.

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Famous for its maritime navigations in the past, its beautiful walkways and riverside location but mainly for its Amber. Gdańsk is indeed the world capital of Amber, a natural resin made from coniferous trees, with an orange-yellow colour. There is a long history of Amber in this city including Amber craft, trade routes, as well as its traditional use in medicine, but also how it was seen as a magic stone. Its very bright history is embedded into the streets

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This is because it is situated in the middle of what was the Amber shipping routes, so the town historically became an important centre of Amber’s working and extraction. Gdańsk is still the place of the world’s largest Amber fairs, such as Amberif, and there is even an Amber Museum that outlines the history of the city and the stone.

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So now you know the history and you have seen what it looks like, its ambience, its joie de vivre, what do you think it may smell of?

This city has been a great inspiration for the perfume company Gallivant. It has reaped its latest scent from the very streets of the historical place.

Gallivant is a perfume brand founded in London in 2017. Particularly respected for its collection of handcrafted perfumes inspired by cities from around the globe. The sights, the sounds and the smells of these distinct places, these incredible fragrances will take you to the four corners of the world in one breath. Travel to Istanbul, London, Tel Aviv, Los Angeles, Tokyo or Berlin and now Gdańsk. Experience a city in a fragrance and discover its perfumed mysteries with its founder Nick Steward.

Nick Steward has many years of experience in the world of fragrance creation. As the founder of this unisex Eau de Parfum collection, he brings with him a breath of fresh air. He is not looking to follow a trend or fashion but simply looks to focus on ideas and inspirations whilst keeping it simple and authentic, he seeks to show quality and craftsmanship through his fragrances.

Above all, he likes the idea that perfume takes its wear to a place. And this world of authenticity is perfectly highlighted in his latest release Gdańsk.

Working with Barcelona-based perfumer Julia Rodríguez Pastor, she and Nick Steward were inspired by a trip to Gdańsk to experience and immerse themselves in the culture and history of Amber. Composed in Spain and finished in England, discover this Amber fragrance.

Remove the cap and breathe in a warm, spicy scent. Discover gourmand juicy Plum, sweet Honey and the light hit of Cardamom, alongside the sweet spiciness of both Nutmeg and Saffron.

Its rich, woody heart seduces with Leather, Incense Resinoid, Sandalwood oil and delicious floral notes of Patchouli and light Rose.

And finally, melt with the divine scent of Cistus, Ambergris, Vanilla, Musk, a smoky Ambery base of Tobacco absolute, Cypriol, and Styrax.

With deep, smoky, ambery and earthy bases, walk the streets soaking up the atmosphere right from your own home and enter the world of Gdańsk, via a fragranced bottle

Can we even imagine which the next city will be that Nick explores? And what mysteries will be uncovered for us? Or maybe try the cities that have already been bottled after all there are 11 of them to explore.

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