Smells Nicer

By Jo Phillips

No one wants to walk into a bathroom that doesn’t smell sweet, so what about a quick spritz before and after you go to leave a divine atmosphere? Even a nice scent to life our spirits as much as anything else. Find out more in Smells Nicer Here. Image Harry Stonhill

SUN.DAY of London began producing their wellness items from a little mountain town where the family handpicked wild herbs and botanicals to make healing salves, teas and soaps for the locals. Years on, their botanical fragrances are handcrafted in a workshop in Hackney Wick London. Harnessing the properties of nature they have transferred that very ethos into a range of candles and differs (as well as a few limited items) where each product is formulated using natural oils and solely plant-based ingredients.

So if you want a nicer smelling loo then why not try their magical mist, to spray in the loo, before and after you go, to refresh and cleanse the atmosphere. With a blend of six citrus fruit oils, the Botanical Loo Mist is complemented by the refreshing aroma of cedarwood and pine. After all-natural oils like citrus and wood or even green scents have long-lasting effective scents that can also ‘up’ our moods, so who does want a happy bathroom? Perfume has a direct effect on our limbic system and so can heighten a mood or calm us down, which is so often why in scent terms we talk of the emotions connected to fragrance.

Created with aromatherapy grade pure essential oils and housed in the UK made apothecary bottles. Always handcrafted in small batches, never any palm oil, soy-free and absolutely nothing synthetic.

Botanical Loo Mist is available in 50ml or 100ml. of London Here If you enjoyed reading Smells Nicer then why not read Spinning the Ball Here

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