Soap No 5

By Fatou Diop

When soap comes into contact with water, it produces a gentle, creamy foam with a softness that caresses leaving the skin supple, soft, and lightly fragrant. But what about a tranquil moment laced with the N°5 magic? Find out more in Soap N0 5 

Gabrielle Chanel commissioned Ernest Beaux in 1921 to develop “a woman’s perfume with a woman’s fragrance,” which was powerful and unique. The nose presented a forward-thinking formulation that utilized aldehydes (Aldehydes are a bit like ‘rocket fuel’ in scent, giving a ‘whoosh’ to a fragrance, and have the power to make a perfume truly sparkle and effervesce.) in a novel way. Mademoiselle choose the fragrance’s number 5 version that the nose created and opted to maintain the number as a simple name. The perfume’s original aroma, as well as its name and bottle, both of which are of exceptional simplicity, revolutionize the history of perfumery. 

A new soap set was created to voluptuously bring to life the smooth harmony of rose and jasmine that makes up N°5, to bring the flowery Jasmine and Rose bouquet to life.

The scent can be expressed through a whole routine. The bath, the body, and the skin. A bath, as we know encourages periods of relaxation and abandonment, lulled by the fragrance’s perfume, for complete immersion in the universe of N°5. The hydrating body products provide genuine moments of self-love. So the soap, which gently perfumes the skin, can be the first step in the scent ritual.

This five-set of individual soaps, infused with the iconic Maison fragrance, are all housed in a black and white coffret reminiscent of the packaging of N°5. 

They are wrapped in soy paper and secured with a CHANEL cachet. Each soap, shaped like a lid of a perfume bottle, with the cachet reminiscent of the baudruchage (sealing a perfume bottle ) of the flacon N°5, which is carefully removed to release the fragrance. 

Un coffret en édition limitée, to give or to receive.

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