Social Playground’s new toy: The Live Instagram Printer

By Angelina Puschkarski

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The Social Playground, a platform famous for bringing the offline and online worlds we’re living in together, launches a new way of instagramming: The Live Instagram Printer. The next generation photo booth engages our selfie centred generation to look beyond the online presentation of ourselves and the events we attend.

Created in Australia, the live Instagram Printer is the first of its kind, carrying the nostalgia of the polaroid photo into the digital age.

PrinterThe printer revolutionizes the traditional photo booth system by collecting and printing your photos taken anywhere in the event space.  Social Playground has partnered with all the cool kids from the playground such as Spotify, Topshop Topman, ELLE Magazine and many more so there are plenty of events the printer can show off. Take a photo with Instagram, add the event hashtag and collect a branded printout of the photo and that’s all. Within 60 seconds.

Business director Matt Barbelli sums up: “Launching London has been an exciting step for Social Playground. With the number of events happening every day, we are excited to bring a fresh way og engaging consumers and guests to the market and no doubt given Instagram’s popularity in the UK.” 


The Live Instagram printer is available for one-off event hire, annual licensing or permanent installation.



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