Solid; A precious experience: A visit to Diptyque

By Jo Phillips

Delightful brand diptyque famous for their candles, perfumes and objets d’arts for the home has reopened their store in Westbourne Grove, London. The classic Parisian brand is famed for their gorgeous candles and elegant objects. The store conjures up an exotic world full of intriguing experiences.

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Diptyque came to be through the camaraderie between interior decorator Christiane Gautrot, painter Desmond Knox-Leet and theatre-director and set-designer Yves Coueslant. The initial idea was to design fabrics but their passion for travel and discovery led to an expansion in their area of interest. Several objects collected during their travels were dotted around the shop when it first opened in 1961.

Three candles were first created to celebrate their joint passion for luscious fragrances. These were Thé (Tea), Aubépine (Hawthorn) and Canelle (cinnamon) and some time after, an eau de toilette named L’Eau (water). This all happened in Paris at 34 boulevard St. Germain. The shop had two windows reminiscent of two panels of a painting, or a “diptych”, which is where the name “diptyque” was derived from. The boutique became a popular location for people in search of wonderful fragrances.

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The diptyque boutique in London is a blend of British refinement and luscious design. Antique furniture is dotted around the store and a subtle floral pattern is displayed on the walls. For many decades, the diptyque boutique has been cultivating its own ‘l’art de vivre’.

The boutique consists of a traditionally English window framed in black and is made up of a series of spaces specially created to showcase diptyque’s goods.

This is contributed to by the unique furniture including parquet flooring, fireplaces of black-and-red marble and wallpaper patterned with marbled designs.

On a mirrored console diptyque’s collection of eaux de toilette and eaux de parfum is displayed. The skincare products are displayed in an alcove complete with rose-coloured vintage wallpaper. Diptyque even has beautiful coloured tissue papers that are used for their unique gift-wrapping service.

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Diptyque features Collection 34, an original and stunning collection of creations. It includes sensuous and exotic fragrances, including L’Ombre dans l’Eau, Do Son, Philosykos, Benjoin Bohème and Eau Mage, beautifully floral and fruit. Every one of diptyque’s creations has a tale behind it, with its beauty products taking inspiration from Mediterranean and Asian beauty regiments.

As well as fragrances, diptyque sell gorgeous handmade candles of different fragrances such as rose and orange. Diptyque even has a special range of candles that capture the essence of different cities, including London.

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This delicious fragrance, Londres, is inspired by scents from the Columbia road flower market, and is a delectable blend of heliotrope, lilac, juniper and hyacinth with a dash of spices.

A visit to diptyque’s store is a unique and precious experience, one to be treasured.

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