Solid; A Style Saving Scheme

By Jo Phillips

If you’ve ever experienced that feeling of frustration as you step out of the front door and let your newly styled hair succumb to the damp, morning mist, then here’s a product you’ll definitely want in your handbag this Autumn.

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Hanz de Fuko ‘Scheme Cream’ (£16)


Hanz de Fuko has recently restocked its latest time-friendly solution to the inevitable weathered frizz: Scheme Cream.

Back due to popular demand; the lightweight, water-soluble wax formula is designed to tackle knots and tangles, leaving your hair smooth with the perfect grease-fee shine.

The brand was born in San Francisco back in 2009, when its founders, David Alfonso and Christopher Zent were keen to innovate a ‘one of a kind’ hair product that would incorporate elements of creativity and diversity into an industry they felt was becoming far too corporate.

Scheme Cream will help redefine your haircare routine, by allowing you to achieve whatever style you desire; whether you’re going for a natural fresh-out-of-the-shower look, or a sleek, structured hairdo.  Sesame seed oil conditions each strand and acts as a barrier against the weather, whilst burdock root stimulates hair growth.  The product also contains green tea extract and eucalyptus oil to help tone the scalp and prevent dandruff.  The cream comes in a travel-friendly container and can be applied to damp, dry or wet hair depending on the desired result.

Long, short, curly or straight…your hair is a natural marker of uniqueness, and it pays to invest in it.  Scheme Cream will provide medium hold whilst keeping your roots and ends feeling fresh and rejuvenated all day, whatever your length or texture!


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