Solid; Adorn your Arms with Stones from Simon Carter

By Jo Phillips

The earth’s natural materials have been prized all over the world for centuries. From the Greeks and Egyptians, to the Romans and Aztecs, precious stones and gems have continued to captivate and entrance us.

Perhaps this captivation is is what explains our initial enticement of birthstones; how dynamic and wondrous it is to have our month of birth represented by a gemstone.

Some claim that these stones possess healing powers and have long-standing superstitions associated with them. For example, a bracelet with the wearers birthstones will supposedly bring fortune depending on where it is worn. Worn on the left wrist, a birthstone bracelet is said to promote openness; worn on the right, the birthstone will bring self-confidence.

From shape to colour, adoring ourselves in jewellery is all about personal expression. Whether you believe in superstitions or merely enjoy wearing a bit of arm candy, bracelets are a classic way to express individuality. For A/W 2017, Simon Carter, a solid name within contemporary menswear design, has looked towards our obsession with these gleaming stones for his collection of men’s jewellery in an artful, modern way.

From left to right: Labradorite Cross Bead Bracelet and
Onyx Bead and Rose Gold Skull Bracelet

Starting with Labradorite, an intriguing material which, as you turn the beads towards the light, forms intense spots of glowing blue going from an icy pale aqua to bright cobalt that seem to hover just within the stone.

An onyx bead bracelet featuring a softly effulgent rose gold skull is an attractive pairing of the profound black of onyx and the allure of the rose gold lustre. The focused pop of reflected light from black beads a nice foil to the softer, more diffused gleam from the golden skull.

fff_optFrom left to right: Rose Gold Double Skull Bangle and
Jet Scarab and Tigerseye Bracelet

Whilst skulls may be associated with demise, Carter’s cuff expresses the masculine ideas of tensile strength and hermetic knowledge. By combining pressure formed and cast elements to produce a talismanic statement bangle. The skulls are expertly spot welded into position adding to the air of strength and resilience.

The last design of Carter’s is the scarab bracelet which features Swarovski jet, a lustrous black crystal. Formed into the likeness of a scarab beetle and placed it within a tigerseye bead bracelet, the silky feel of this tigerseye’s bracelet sits alluringly against the slick jet beetle.

Carter has designed each of these bracelets with a poise of mystique and can be purchased exclusively the Simon Carter website here.

Images courtesy of Simon Carter

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