Solid; Interior Designers take on Prishtina, Kosovo

By Edena Klimenti

‘Zen Interior’ – an innovative interior design company; created to restore beauty, comfort and style to the homes, clubs, bars, restaurants and many locations of Kosovo.

Through incredibly eye-catching and beautiful designs 26- year-old interior designer and founder, Bukuroshe Fona, created this brand in order to bring the ‘Zen’ experience to her home country. Zen is known as a company that wishes to embody comfort, relaxation and functionality through the intricate, and carefully thought out designs; reinforcing this philosophy within each and every project.

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Bedroom designed by Zen. Interior – located in Prishtinë

Bukuroshe grew up in Prishtina, Kosovo, where she drew most of her inspiration from, people, books, films and the streets of Kosovo themselves. After the Yugoslav war in 1999, Kosovo had undergone many tragedies, including homes being destroyed and streets demolished, leaving the country in an unrecognisable state. Bukuroshe and her family moved to Chicago, a fast paced town known for it’s busy, hard working atmosphere. This is where Bukuroshe studied interior design at the Art institute of Chicago, where she manifested her passion for designing homes and later extended this passion in to designing bars, restaurants, and any locations that needed a touch of ‘Zen.’

Zen. Interior, a brand born just over a year ago, is the mastermind behind many widely appreciated projects in Prishtinë. Bringing you modern, futuristic, and classic designs, in fun and interesting ways. Although Zen. is located in Prishtinë, it is continuously growing, as Bukuroshe continues to design and renovate, extending her magnificent services to Chicago and even Switzerland. The brand aims to bring a peaceful, calming, ‘Zen’ atmosphere to each location; whilst ensuring that each project is unique and adds a different touch to Kosovo.

The philosophy behind Zen. Interior is what captured our hearts. Here at Cent. we love to celebrate the beautiful things in life, so we had to celebrate the beauty of Zen. Interior. Aiming to make Kosovo beautiful again is the philosophy that makes this brand so unique, and memorable.

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Living room area designed by Zen. Interior ‘Spring Breeze project’ – located in Prishtinë

11 years after leaving home, Bukuroshe moved back to Kosovo to pursue her dream of owning her own business; finally, Zen. Interior was born. A place where there is creative freedom and a constant reminder that each project has a greater purpose, making Kosovo beautiful again.

Once I decided that I was going to study interior design, I dreamed of moving back and owning my own business- just designing spaces. And I did. I moved back 11 years later, and things have worked out great for me.’ – Bukuroshe Fona

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 17.07.17Spring Breeze Project- Zen. Interior – Located in Prishtinë 

Not only is this brand bringing new and modern architecture to Prishtina, Bukuroshe also aims to change the way people view designers in Kosovo, hoping that they will have more trust in the designing process.

‘So many things inspire me and help me become a great Interior Designer. Starting with my clients, different books, magazines, the internet, but what inspires me most is the people I meet. Years ago, hiring an interior designer was not a part of the mentality, but now people are much more interested in hiring an interior designer and trusting us with their homes or their space, and that helps me become much better at my job.’ – Bukuroshe Fona

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Riinvest College Student Lounge, designed by Zen. Interior – Located in Prishtinë

Bukuroshe has designed many homes, apartments, restaurants and bars in Prishtina, so we decided to follow Bukuroshe around her city, allowing her to highlight the best locations for any occasion. Using Bukuroshe as our tour guide around Kosovo, we loved the idea of having an interior designer introduce us to all the popular spots, and hidden gems of Prishtina.


‘Prishtina is known for their incredible coffee, with a coffee shop on almost every corner, but where I enjoy my coffee the most would definitely be at Guest Coffee Shop! Amazing food, great coffee, and delicious drinks! It also has an amazing terrace and a great interior!’


‘My favorite cocktail bar would definitely be Bon Vivant! It is known for their unique cocktails and they have a really cool dude who’s known as the best cocktail man in town!’


‘My favorite restaurant that serves great traditional food is in Ferizaj, Kosovo. It’s called Apollonia! It is not in Prishtine, but I spend most of my Sunday evenings there.’

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‘Oh me and my girls love going out and that is usually at 13 ROOFTOP. It is located in the heart of the city on the 13th floor, you also get a 360-degree magnificent view of Prishtina! It is also the one and only rooftop bar in Kosovo! Definitely a number one spot and a must try!’


Germi National Park is the place where you will get the most greenery! It is a big national park located in Prishtine with very fresh air! That’s our spot to relax, run, exercise, do yoga, bike ride, and many other great fun things to do!’


‘Best place to go shopping will probably be Albi mall since there’s so many different options. It is one of the biggest shopping malls in Prishtine, with great services.’


‘As I said earlier, 13 rooftop is the best place that has a 360-degree view of the entire town! It’s just an amazing spot and one of my most favorite place to be at!’


‘My favorite memory is my childhood growing up in Prishtina. I miss my family who are back in Chicago, so my childhood memories would definitely be the ones I shared with them growing up in Kosovo.’

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