Solid; ‘Sana Jardin’ Empowering Women

By Edena Klimenti

We always love to celebrate brands that are socially aware and that have a greater purpose behind their work. Sana Jardin, an incredible and innovative perfume house with revolutionary services; bringing you enchanting and empowering scents. It is widely considered the world’s first ‘socially conscious luxury perfume house.’

The brand has a strong philosophy that wishes to empower women, allowing them to be a part of the perfume making process. The brand wishes to highlight the importance of having equality for women; socially, economically and culturally, creating a strong ideology for the brand. Using powerful, stunning and soul-capturing scents, Sana Jardin wishes to empower women, making them feel stronger and bolder. In the name of girl power, Sana Jardin, wishes to change the lives of women in developing countries, introducing them to a whole new world; aiding them through commerce rather than charity.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 15.36.14Something that is so important when purchasing beauty products, or any products perhaps, is being aware of the social, environmental and ethical history that is attached to the products. Crucially, people are becoming more aware of their consumer needs, and how these can have a negative chain impact on our society. A huge factor that distinguishes the Sana Jardin perfume house from others is that the quality of the products is not compromised, although they thrive on making sure that they are aware of their social responsibility as a luxury perfume house.

The brand goes much further than just gorgeous perfumery, they dedicate themselves to producing environmentally friendly packaging as the bottle and caps are both made from recycled materials, and the entire box recyclable. The fragrances are also free of artificial colourants, paragons and formaldehydes, reinforcing the idea that Sana Jardin are an intricate brand that aim to empower consumers, buyers, wearers and even workers.

Founder, Amy Christiansen Si-Ahmed, grew up around strong powerful women; which inspired her to be business minded whilst never forgetting the importance of women empowerment and the crucial philosophy of socially aware brands. Amy’s grandmother, Mary Pomeroy, co-founded ‘The United States Delegation of Friendship Amongst Women’ in the 1960’s, aiming to expand communications between the women in the US and women in developing countries.

”She gifted me with a desire to work towards social justice and empower women economically” – Amy Christiansen Si- Ahmed.

Drawing inspiration from her grandmother, Amy has been able to build a brand that is respected for its dedication to the empowerment of women. Travelling allowed Amy to expand her horizons and draw inspiration from new and exciting locations.

”I always knew I wanted to help Moroccan women as it is a country I spend a lot of time in and is very dear to my heart. I realised I could utilise my experience in implementing innovative solutions to social problems, alongside these enchanting, natural scents as a powerful tool to create social change.” – Amy Christiansen Si- Ahmed

Through her love and passion for perfumery, Amy realised that the history of scent has a direct link to the feminine spirit, which only furthered her drive to use perfume as a way of lifting and elevating women.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 15.37.31Thus, The Orange Blossom Project was born. Continuing the brands philosophy, it is a ground-breaking initiative which uplifts and brings a new spin to how business is executed; changing the lives of female flower harvesters in Morocco. Any floral waste that is created from perfume production can be used in their own hand crafted candles, and orange blossom water; which can later be sold through their own cooperative. The women also harvest all the floral raw materials for Sana Jardin perfumes. By producing economic empowerment tools from the land the women live on, it allows the women to benefit economically and create multiplier effects for their communities and families.

The project ensures that the women benefit from their work and are able to create sustainable lives for themselves and the people around them, which is a huge contrast to the way workers are treated

The Luxury Fragrance Collection 

‘Savage Jasmine’ is an exotic celebration, heady and exotic with Moroccan jasmine,¬†intertwined with musk notes, capturing your heart and leaving a feminine allure.

‘Berber Blonde’ is a shimmering Moroccan orange blossom, with North African neroli oil and musk spirit, creating a warmth and sunshine in a bottle.

‘Sandal Wood Temple‘ is a mystical depth of East Indian sandalwood and Madagascan vanilla, Moroccan neroli, cerdarwood and Haitian Vetiver, merging together creating an addictive scent.

‘Tiger by her Side’ is a seductive yet mysterious scent with amber and velvety Moroccan rose, Indonesian patchouli and Somalian incense.

‘Celestial Patchouli’ is a rich, intense fragrance with Australian Sandalwood, cinnamon bark, patchouli and leather.

‘Nubian Musk’ is a seductive scent with musk and vanilla, rose, jasmine and Moroccan grapefruit flower; merging with Haitian Vetiver and Australian sandalwood, it is an intense allure for women and men.

‘Revolution de la Fleur’ is soft and sensual with Madagascan Ylang Ylang, Moroccan Yasmine, frangipani and rose, merged with laced vanilla and sandalwood; a true exotic beauty.

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