Sounds like Heaven

By Jo Phillips

So who are the music gods we need to be looking out for in 2017?  With 2017 in bloom, it’ll be exciting to see if this years’ crop of musical talent can match some of last year’s musical artists on the verge of breaking into super stardom.  Below we have listed a few for you to peruse; a nice selection across genres to get your ears warmed up at the beginning of a new year.


So talking of Gods, why not start with classically trained Los angles based Elohim (which is Hebrew for God) and her melodic heavenly vocals fused with electronic pop; this is a much lauded lady who looks to hit the mainstream consciousness this year.


The name? Another reference the the celestial heavens above… A greek god in fact; This 4 piece London based band may well be worth the title as they are being much lauded by many within the industry. Sweet indie pop band… Think Blondie and you are part the way there. The kind of band that in the hey day of TOTP would have given you no choice but to fall in love with them.

Serpent with Feet

Also known as Baltimore-born artist Jonah Wise, who brings a different godly element by combining a gentle sexuality with spiritualism dramatic emotive vocals alongside a fusion of musical styles that are haunting and atmospheric. Mixed up jazz opera goth and soul… A challenge in the most poetic, beautiful, gentle yet powerful way. Quite stunning listening.




Bonzai is a Dublin-born singer, who has already shared her vocals with Mura Mask and is set for her own stardom this year. A stunning melting pot of R&B synth and pop, her strong vocal waft over clubby rave style beats.


A 29-year-old French singer who just happens to work in the tech industry making mobile apps as a day job so unsurprising her music is very digitally twinned. So if Bjork is your thing, then listen as she takes this a whole lot further… Mixing computerised synth style sounds with atmospheric vocals adding in the oddest of layers and spaces… quite unique, quite mysterious, quite fabulous.

Rag’n’Bone man

rag-and-bone man collects unwanted household items and sells them to merchants. However Rory Graham, better known as Rag’n’Bone Man, is a British singer-songwriter from East Sussex. Starting his musical career as an MC at jungle and drum ’n’ bass raves and on pirate before moving to blues singeing albeit with a a gravelly edge. Hip-hop unsurprisingly bleeds into blues, and a tattoo on his right hand saying soul and on his left it says funk sums up much about his style. This Brighton-based music man is on everyone’s radar right now.

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