Sounds of Serenity

By Gaurav Gujar

Far away, somewhere deep in the forest, maybe in a desert or, on a trail in the mountains; we can find solitude comforting, in ways beyond explanation. The void around us, be it in different forms fills up the void within, as one keeps wandering and wondering about the unanswered riddles of life.

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Various artists are inspired by such places and sometimes evince their artwork in such places. This just multiplies the gravitas and transcends the spectator in the artist’s dimension.

These experiences can be peaceful to many people and it shows the effect of mixing different mediums in installations and outdoor spaces has.

In 2019, there was one such fascinating art installation in the thick forests of the UK, Living Symphonies – the company who made it all happen. Living symphonies is a musical composition portraying the forest’s wildlife, plants and atmospheric conditions in its most crude natural form and also translating the weather conditions into musical patterns in real-time. The most beautiful part of this art installation is the fact that the musical pattern composed from the elements of forest is heard and enjoyed within the forest.

Composed and realized by James Bulley and Daniel Jones, the symphony imparted such unusual realizations via the medium of music in their own style which was appreciated by so many of us.

On the other end, some of us prefer spending time on the coast, staring into the sea and endless horizon with endless possibilities helping many of us calm ourselves, this may be the time for self-reflection and introspection but overall, the entire scenic seduction is beyond mesmerizing. You walk along the coast on tarmac sidewalks overlooking the beach, deep in your thoughts and your mind flushed with hope as every setting sun tell you a story about the next one rising or maybe the breeze with that pinch of salt, necessary to accept few reality-checks; it all is complete with the sounds of waves, winds and birds chirping.

In Croatia, this whole experience is taken to a next level with a sound art installation just by the sea side.

This piece of art and engineering makes the sea waves play music for our ears and ‘a salute to the sun’ art installation adds to the unique wholesome experience. The ‘Sea organ’ is played by the crashing waves and the sunlight soaked for the entire day makes the light show during the dark through the solar panels. These various patterns of light emitted as per the music frequency created by the waves in ‘Sea organ’ takes you to a place of absolute solitude.

Today, in 2022, post pandemic, so many relations, things, priorities and perspectives has changed for many of us but every now and then, one does need some space to enjoy the silence, solitude and serenity. Sounds and music are definitely an add-on.

Interestingly, Compton Verney brings us,
‘Luke Jerram: CROSSINGS’ from 19th July – 4th September 2022.

‘Crossings’ is a new sound installation which literally ‘takes you away’ as you row out into the lake amidst the beautiful scenery around you and an audio journey commences as you listen to some incredible stories via audio books. The live sounds of rowing boats blending with the audio truly engages and immerses you.

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