Sparkling Water

By Keny Kakadia

This year we will experience a completely different Christmas. There won’t be any big Christmas day with our dearest ones. Most of us will miss the fun and joy of Christmas gatherings. But there is something a little exciting to liven things up; to enlighten your celebration. This Christmas The Drunken Jockeys is introducing a virtual cocktail masterclass. At Sparkling Water find out how this masterclass will sparkle up your celebration with some amazing flavourful cocktails

In this masterclass, The Drunken Jockeys will deliver a box that will contain all equipment required like spirits, mixers, the garnish, and even the ingredients required to make the cocktail. You just have a look at the menu select 2 or 3 cocktails and the box will be delivered to you at your doorstep.

You will experience a fun and interactive session tipped with industry insights. The top mixologist will advise and teach you the history of each cocktail and show you in a step by step class on how to process a perfect drink. Along with, there will be snappy games and or quizzes, and of course, is optional for virtual guests to take part in.

Don’t worry non-drinkers even you can attend this masterclass the drunken jockeys will also do Mocktail versions for non-drinkers the ‘virgin’ alternatives to the cocktails in the masterclass. 

Each masterclass will consume 1-1.5 hours duration it depends on the number of cocktails selected. The Session will cost you £38.00 per person for 2 Cocktails and 50.00 per person for 3 Cocktails.

Here is a quick recipe for all the lovely .Cent readers; it is called “Sloe Berry Sour” cocktail. Sours are one of the oldest categories of cocktails around. It is a great mid-winter pick-me-up. Follow the easy step below:

INGREDIENTS: 40ml  Sloe Gin 25ml London Dry Gin 10 ml Elderflower syrup25ml  Lemon juice.

1) Add all the ingredients to your cocktail shaker and fill with ice.

2) Shake all the ingredients hard.

3) Fill your tumbler with ice and strain ingredients over the ice.

4) Garnish with a twist of lemon rind and enjoy 

This year celebrate your Christmas in a little different way. Make some amazing range of cocktails and mocktails and enjoy it with your whole family.

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