Spectacular Glowing Light in the Darkness of Winter

By Julia Mantooth

The onset of winter can be a particularly bleak and dark time. By 4 PM, the sun is nearly gone and the outside world suddenly seems much less inviting. During this time, its up to us to illuminate the darkness. Read more in Spectacular Glowing Light in the Darkness of Winter.

Main Image Squire & Partners

London is well-known for its winter cheer, adorned with lights strung over high streets and wrapped around nearly every corner. The magic of the season is truly illuminated by the fantastic decorations of the city. Winter becomes much more cheerful in a place like this.

Regent Street Winter Light Display

This year, The Southbank Centre has added to the collection of London’s illuminating displays with their Winter Light outdoor exhibition. With their own artistic twist on the seasonal decor, the Centre is displaying new works from a series of contemporary artists. These artists include Leo Villareal, Marinella Senatore, Tim Etchells, Kendall Geers, Oasis Academy Johanna, and Squire & Partners.

These artists are all experienced in visual arts and have used their experience to create magical new displays. Marinella Senatore, for example, has an expansive portfolio of beautifully intricate neon sculptures. Her work has been featured across the globe in places like the High Line in New York, Florence’s Palazzo Strozzi, and now London’s very own Southbank Centre.

Image Marinella Senatore and Palazzo Strozzi Foundation

The Southbank Centre has long been known for providing spaces for artists to showcase their spectacular work. Hosting festivals, orchestras, visual art showcases, and so much more, the cultural impact of The Southbank Centre on London is immeasurable. This latest winter exhibition is just one of the countless free programs that have been put on by them.

These works of art will be on display and free to explore at The Southbank Centre until the 7th of January, 2024. Enjoy the warm glow of brightly coloured light displays during these chilly winter nights.

To learn more about The Southbank Centre’s Winter Light outdoor exhibition, please visit here

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