Spotlight on: The Landing

By Pascal Ebner

The Landing

This week we’d like to put our spotlight on a truly remarkable newcomer, who is not only a connoisseur in the field of astronomy but also a musician with harmonic tunes and songs that tell deep stories: The Landing. The New York based artist shares his affinity for the vast cosmos, and all that inhabits it, in his music – taking the Universe itself as his inspiration he creates tunes that break the boundaries of today’s popular music and let you experience something new – something yet unexplored.

The creative mix of electronic music and orchestral elements based around lyrics that talk about discovery, ambition and the human condition itself caught our intention right away – with the personal struggle of finding oneself in mind, the Landing’s music is ‘human’ and responsive – a sound that will assist music lovers in this search. Have a listen to his newest track “Strange Charm” down below.

To get an even better insight in The Landing’s music, we asked him a few questions that will bring you even closer to his music and might even answer some of your queries:

.Cent: You sing about quite unique themes compared to other artists, who craft rather simple lyrics. How important is the process of writing to you?

The Landing: When you write about things that truly fascinate you it’s not so much the process of writing that becomes important but it’s the message you’re trying to convey. The message is more important than you, more important than the song, what’s left is only whats necessary.

.Cent: Is there a general message you try to convey with your music – like an ongoing theme?

The Landing: Yes, but if I could convey it in just words I wouldn’t be writing music. I suppose The Landing is an attempt at seeing the Universe as inspiration. It’s the most awe inspiring thing to reflect on the fact that life is a symptom of the cosmos, why not write music about it?

.Cent: Your music is often described as spacey pop – does this relation have to do with your affinity to astronomy? If yes, what fascinates you most about it?

The Landing: Expanding on my response to the last question; I’d like to point out that there are many aspects of the songs released so far that aren’t necessarily “spacey.” Whether it be acoustic piano driven accompaniment, or tribal animal skin drums I think there’s still something very “human” at work. So when I say “the Universe as inspiration,” that doesn’t exclude us and our place in it all, which is probably what fascinates me the most.

.Cent: Who or what made you start The Landing?

The Landing: I’d say a mix of Claude Debussy, Alan Watts, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Fox Mulder and Michael Jackson.

.Cent: Are you going to stick with your current genre or are you planning on trying other ones in the future? Any plans yet?

The Landing: Not really thinking about writing for a genre but if you’re asking do I plan on evolving/growing as a musician than I’d say I sure hope so.

.Cent:  Lastly, can you share your most exciting moment as a musician with us?

The Landing: That moment in between having only a couple of words or a chord progression and the time it takes to finish the whole song.

Now it’s time to have a listen to The Landing’s music:

You enjoy the sound as much as we do? Then head over to The Landing’s official website, Facebook, Twitter and of course SoundCloud for even more tunes. “Strange Charm” and “Anxieties” can also be downloaded on SoundCloud as well as his website.

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