Spring Beauty

By Jo Phillips

With Spring at our doorstep, it’s time to step up our beauty game. The simple, minimalist look is what you want to go for this season. And we have the perfect products, which will help you achieve fresh, polished looks. The new SUQQU collection allows you to build on your makeup, so you can have a natural look in the day, and build on the colours for the evening!

SUQQU is the most gentle, beautiful and chic makeup brand from Japan.

The name SUQQU was derived from the Japanese word sukku-to which means “posture with attitude”. This makeup with attitude is inspired by style, wellbeing and natural beauty.

The sleek products are light, create radiance and are a favourite of celebrity makeup artist Morag Ross.

So what makes the brand so special? Let’s start with the Gankin Massage technique, developed by the brand. It is created to plump, lift and contour the facial muscles. With this easy but very effective technique, you can remove stiffness and tension in your face, making you look and feel refreshed. It also improves the circulation of blood and enhances the overall skin metabolism, in addition to adding some definition to the facial contour. All these benefits come from massaging your face, using the few simple steps of the Gankin method as a part of your morning and evening routine.

Doing the Gankin massage in the morning will leave your skin even and glowing, and ease the application of makeup.

After preparing your face, let’s move on to makeup application and the brilliant suggestions by SUQQU!

Start your makeup application with the Suqqu Refining primer, which combines two different shaped gels, each targeting different pores. The unstructured gel covers more visible pores, and the rounded gel – the small clusters around the nose. It makes the skin more even, and stops foundation from seeping into the spin and appearing patchy. It creates an invisible veil – how beautiful is this?! And to top it all, let me tell you that the Refining Primer uses artichoke, hammamelis leaf and rosa multiflora fruit extracts to tighten the pores.


Moving on to the foundation – the new Lucent Powder Foundation provides both coverage and radiance. It makes the face have a soft, fresh look, mimicking a flawless complexion. Similar to the primer, this product also combines two types of particles, which when mixed, provide shine control and comfort.

When applying it to the skin, the crystal particles help the powder foundation glide easily on the skin, and the smooth ones absorb sebum throughout the day.


Never underestimate the power of the eyebrows. Suqqu’s Volume Eyebrow Mascara and the Framing eyebrow liquid pen will help you achieve those enviable perfect brows. They are both available in four shades, to math any skin tone. The mascara gives full bodied brows, whilst setting and treating them. The Framing pen makes filling in your brows easy, and creates naturally defined brows, perfectly framing the face.


The most fun you will have at the end – it’s time for a pop of colour. Suqqu’s Colour Collection is inspired by the flowers of Japan – the contrast of bold and sensitive, glamorous and serene, strong and gentle.

Starting with eyeshadow, the Designing Colour Eyes palette allows you to build and layer colours, to achieve the intensity you want. The velvety finish adds a 3D shine on your eyelids, creating beautiful sculpted eyelids.


The new Pure Colour Blush sits on the face as natural as it gets and blends perfectly into the skin without a powdery finish. When swirling both colours together, you can create natural rosy looking cheeks.


Last but not least – lip colour! A non-pearl formula uses a blend of seven oils makes the lips look juicy and fresh.

Now that you have all the makeup essentials for a perfect sculpted face, you need the right tools!

Why not try the glamorous new Nanshy brushes? Designed in the UK, they are cruelty-free and anti-bacterial. The brushes will help you apply your makeup flawlessly, brighten your complexion and create buildable airbrush-like coverage, hide imperfections and achieve the smoothest finish imaginable.

Nanshy’s Gobsmack Glamorous Makeup Brush Set comprises of the five key brushes you need to build the perfect canvas to create your makeup look. It features a Flawless Foundation brush, ideal for sheer powders and liquid makeup, the Conceal Perfector, which blends concealer and moisturiser perfectly, Buffed Base, which makes applying highlighter easier than ever, an Angled Airbrush, ideal for powder and blush application and lastly, a Blush & Bronze brush which helps you create the perfect contoured cheekbones. The brushes create the ultimate set for perfect makeup application.

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If you need some inspiration and fancy a little laugh, Carlton Books have you covered! Karen Homer has some fun beauty and style tips, which she has included in her two handbag sized books, which are absolutely brilliant!

Things a Woman Should Know About Beauty

Beauty has been appreciated since the beginning of time, but our society is possibly the most image-obsessed one. This book answers many questions we all have, from what is beauty to how to make ourselves even more beautiful. In the words of a woman who knows all there is about looking good, Sophie Loren, ‘Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful’. This book is filled with ideas, tips, gorgeous photography and fun facts, and comes in a compact size, so it can be with you on the go.


Things a Woman Should Know About Style

A practical guide for a stylish life – this book provides tips on dressing with classic style rather than being a slave to fashion. The author’s humorous approach to fashion critique is the best thing about this book – you’re not being called out on your fashion faux pas, but you recognize yourself in some of the witty remarks.


Another book we have been loving is Estelle Lefébure’s Mindful Beauty. The 1980s supermodel has created a wellness programme, which will help you take care of your body, mind and spirit throughout the whole year.


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