Spring Summer 2025

By Rebecca McNelly-Tilford

Spring Summer 2025 collections from all over the world, these collections showcase the unique design outcome of each indivdual designer and brands vision on the season. An overall incite on what’s to come for the future of fashion.

Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY

For SS25, the collection is to segment the successful elements of the collection currently in market, and to capture a world around them. Give them their own eco system and establish a wardrobe around them that has a purpose behind it.

Genaro Rivas

“AERION” showcases Rivas’ signature blend of futuristic aesthetics and Peruvian heritage, inspired by the interplay of light and shadow. The collection emphasizes ethical sourcing and sustainable practices, featuring materials such as alpaca wool, bamboo fibers, and silk from Incalpaca. The timeless and modern palette includes concrete tones with accents of orange-red, ecru, and blue, while organic shapes and sustainable fabrics highlight Rivas’ commitment to responsible fashion.

Zimmerman – Resort ’25

Iconic film references, nostalgic style-cues and teenage heartthrobs meet modern fabrications, sophisticated silhouettes and distinct artworks delivering a fresh new attitude for Zimmermann’s Resort RTW 2025 collection.

Roberto Cavalli -Resort

What a legacy he left behind! Roberto Cavalli’s unique heritage filled with colors, prints, innovative techniques, and irresistible joie de vivre will forever live in the Cavalli brand and will continue to inspire those individuals who look at fashion as a playground for continuous experimentation and self-expression. For the new Resort 2025 collection, Creative Director Fausto Puglisi wanted to celebrate the house’s founder looking back at one of his most successful eras, the early 2000s.

Florian Wowretzko

Erosão brings the distinction into a contrasting juxtaposition of colour and non-colours, motion and standstill. The movement plugs away from the stillness of the previous AW24 collection.


A central concept in the collection is “spolia,” which involves integrating elements from older structures into new designs. This approach effectively recontextualises Qasimi’s identity, merging past influences with contemporary aesthetics.

Craig Green

The outlines of who we’re supposed to be,and the imprints we leave behind,walk side by side.The rough grip of inherited codes,and the rhythmic appeal of successive, repetitive forms,admired and followed.Stoically familiar figuresreveal intricate and delicate constructionson closer gaze.Like a young boy exploring an engine,components are carefully taken apart.Separating hard and soft,rigid forms multiply and interlock,while lightweight drapery steadily dissolves.Hazy photographic impressionswash over the bodyand hang in the air beyond.Finally fading, a sudden return to the tangiblerenders everyday images sharper and more beautiful than before.

Erdem -Pre Spring

For Pre-Spring 25, Erdem has taken inspiration from the author Radclyffe Hall, during the publication in the 1920s of her controversial (today celebrated) book: The Well of Loneliness. Hall lived openly as a gay woman with her partner Una Troubridge. She frequently wore men’s clothes, latterly renaming herself John. Erdem’s collection plays with the tension between masculine and feminine styles and silhouettes of the 1920s, exploring power and vulnerability simultaneously.

Phillipp Plein -Cruise

Drawing inspiration from the dazzling summer setting of French Riviera, the Cruise 2025 Collection embodied the glitz and glamour of an elite French Summer.

Brunello Cucinelli

Natural fibres are the stars of the collection, with silk in particular playing a leading role: pure or in precious blends, always with a matte effect, even in unusual elements such as outerwear or denim fabrics.

Di Petsa

The collection is a mesmerising union of Bridal, Swim and the first foray into Menswear for DI PETSA – an exciting and anticipated new chapter for the brand that puts forward a distinct new vision of what menswear can be within the aura of the DI PETSA world, where tender expressions of wetness and our fluid state are explored-the tensions between strength and fragility – hinting to a wider exploration of menswear for the main SS25 collection to come in September.


SS25 addresses the consequences of progressive advanced technology production and its ghosting protocol over natural landscapes. A fashion offering that merges standard items, collected together with stand-alone pieces and collection sub-layers.


The brand hones in on a sense of duality – between elegance and edge, softness and strength – but in doing so, creates one of their most unexpected, exciting, and undeniably sexy fashion mashups yet. It is a liberated community of artists, athletes, and aesthetes, an underground milieu that is poetry salon, wrestling league, and kink scene all in one.

University of Westminster BA


Fear of God’s Spring/Summer 2025 collection serves as an expansion of Jerry Lorenzo’s unwavering vision for contemporary American luxury, with a considered proposition that deepens the house’s ETERNAL offering.


This season’s collection takes the key spirit of the brand, such as the modern dandy, elevating this in a new, refined manner, synonymous with luxury. This season, the classic neutral colour palette full of rich whites, creams, soft greys and classic navy is accentuated with muted hues of blues and beige.


JordanLuca Spring/Summer 2025 is a balletand a clash – traditions are considered, but not bound by truth.Emotions are abundant, but are manufactured.

John Richmond

Drawing inspiration from an endless personal exploration of subcultures, the collection is a vibrant celebration of the elements that have defined John Richmond since its inception. The thoughtful confluence of people and places gives the clothing gravitas and an inherent authenticity which acknowledges an oft referenced social cosm, actually lived.


In the S/S25 collection, the hand-woven insect craftsmanship of the 1980s/1990s in China is re-presented. Straw weaving, a traditional Chinese folk handicraft, is a handicraft woven using wild resources such as cattail grass, corn husks, wheat straw, and tree sticks. The small insects and plants are hand-woven by craftsmen who have worked for many years in the studio and around, taking up to 500 hours of work. Upcycling fashion through clever weaving techniques, they can be turned into handicrafts.


Silvia Venturini Fendi, Artistic Director of Accessories and Menswear, considers Fendi as a travelling time capsule mirroring decades and destinations, with Italian craftsmanship as its forever North star. The Men’s Spring/Summer 2025 collection is itself an homage to the universal – sublimating House codes that predate the first men’s silhouette revealed at Fendi in 1990.  

David Koma

To represent the multifaceted nature of masculinity, echoing the diverse characters that form David’s personal social circle, the collection uses juxtapositions as pivotal elements, offering both common place and distinctive qualities. The Koma Man embodies strength, aloofness, and independence, yet exudes a soft, sensual aura. The collection sets out to strike a balance between ease and sophistication, blending playful characteristics with refined elegance. To temper the overtly masculine utilitarian references, subtle nods to whimsy and sensuality are introduced.


A dream like journey unfolds with Santoni’s men’s Spring Summer 2025 collection – and with this, the brand invites you to step into ‘Piazza Santoni’, the centre of a territory and a space that is steeped in a culture of legend that inspires one to think and to create.

Paul & Shark

Paul & Shark continues its summer journey, which began in 2023, along the most captivating coasts of the Mediterranean. The focus remains on the Riviera feel, which is renewed year after year as it shifts to new iconic coastal locations in the Mediterranean. A homage to the summer Dolce Vita lifestyle, to natural maritime beauties, and the flavours and colours of these renowned resort towns.

Eudon Choi -Resort ’25

For decades Eudon Choi has denied defining the woman he’s designing for. Rather than profiling the customer and muse, the brand has focused on an ethos of universal appreciation of well-tailored pieces. For Resort 2025, Choi reenvisages the woman who has been supportive of his brand, delving into the details of her everyday life.

Hellessy -Resort ’25

Sylvie Millstein’s Hellessy Resort ’25 collection is a hymn to a seasonless of wardrobe made of signature day to evening separates and embellished closet staples.

Holy Motor

The Spring/Summer 2025 collection, “Holy Motor,” draws inspiration from the heart as the ultimate engine of life and passion. The name “Holy Motor” encapsulates this idea, likening the heart to the core engine that drives not only our existence but also our loves and passions, much like the engines in cars and bikes. The collection interweaves themes of automotive culture with personal identity, featuring friends of the designer performing in the show to highlight the deep connection between Formichetti’s life and his brand. The collection embodies the spirit of the heart as a motor, merging elements of car and bike aesthetics with the pulsating energy of human emotion.

Ten C

The military world and uniforms, known for their hard-wearing and durable nature, are the starting point for a collection that explores alternative worlds, combining practical, functional elements with a sophisticated, urban aesthetic.

Acne Studios

“What if this season’s character was a superhero?,” says creative director Jonny Johansson. “I think what’s interesting with clothing is that it can empower you. I can feel really strong just having the right clothing at the right moment. That’s a little bit what I’m trying to do here, you know, that’s why that empowering thing is kind of like – it has superpowers!”

Bianca Saunders

SS25 collection, “The Hotel”, an exploration of character creation and rediscovery. Crafting archetypesthrough disruptive tailoring has been a through line in Saunders’ work- take her Pre-Fall 2021 collectionwhere each look was based on a meticulously constructed persona inspired by Hans Eijkelboom’s ‘The IdealMan’.


Introducing new ultralight deconstructed popeline suits, tailored denim ensembles and bonded nappa leather. The silhouettes are light, crisp and sharp. 

Wales Bonner

The Spring Summer 2025 collection celebrates the work of pioneering Trinidadian artist and textile designer Althea McNish. McNish moved from Port-of-Spain to London in the autumn of 1950, and after graduating from the Royal College of Art embarked on a career producing painterly textiles for Liberty and Christian Dior, among others. She was an expert serigrapher, a key member of the Caribbean Artist Movement, and a master of colour. The prints featured in the collection, Osiris, Akarana and Trinidad, resound with McNish’s creative freedom and the tropicalized visions of British landscapes and Caribbean flora that made her a seminal figure in design history.


This collection offers effortlessness and lightness with elements of a “fictional tribe.” Touches of womenswear are incorporated to create a gender-neutral image. One of the main inspirations is the Australian three-piece band “Glass Beams.” Inspired by their psychedelic, culture-bending sound, we asked them to perform for the show. The paintings featured are pieces by Jun Takahashi and works by Italian painter Robert Bosisio. In this collection, Takahashi envisions an artist’s everyday wear. In response to the current uncertain state of the world, the pieces strongly express a desire for peace and tranquility.


On the day of the 2024 summer solstice, Bluemarbleshines maximum light across its bold and unifying vision. Five years of creation beyond boundaries brings us to this collection, where we indulge our planetary fascinations like Pangaea and the Butterfly Effect as visual metaphors that bring perspective to the complexities of everyday life.


“This collection is a continuation of an American conversation – a reflection of American luxury, of the Hollywood DNA of Amiri. The clothes fuse stage presence with an irreverent, everyday cool – a California mentality of dress, translated to the Paris runway. It’s about Modern Jazz – meaning both the music, and an attitude.”Mike Amiri


For Spring-Summer 2025, Wooyoungmi expands the idea of the ABK into a liberal exploration of the style domains shared by the two cultures in different ways: yuppie sartorialism, collegiate prep, surfer bohème, agricultural utility and the baseball uniform. Observing the historical nature of the source material through the brand’s forward-thinking Seoulite mentality, the study evolves into a conversation between the past and the future; the hand-spun and the technological. Created with South Korean hand-executed craftsmanship, the collection is Madame Woo’s most artisanal to date.


The presentation showcased a mise en abyme of the danger of the volcano against the ORSEC plan that the population had to discover during the exodus, deserting four municipalities in the south of Basse-Terre. Utilitarian workwear with exaggerated oversized silhouettes, English embroidery and references to the pan-African spirit through a queer lens comprise the collection. Symbolism, such as the marronage and resilience are also interwoven throughout.

Thom Browne

Couture begins with the silhouette in muslin. while collections are historically shown in a complete state, the couturier and client ultimately return to the source text—the toile. the thom browne 2024 couture collection celebrates these initial transcriptions. this dream-like phase of couture comes to life using natural, untreated muslin. the atelier’s rigorous approach elevates the test phase by way of extraordinary detail. one-of-a-kind expression for the true individual.


“Y-3 was born from the fusion of the seeming opposites of sport and style. Together with Adidas we worked on forming something that didn’t exist and that foresaw the future.” – Yohji Yamamoto



This season, Patou introduces two new bags : Le Patoulock and Le Patoubowling. The entire collection is crafted from eco-responsible fabrics and it will be fully traceable upon its release in stores and online.


Throughout the years, we’ve met people who devote their lives to naking recycled materials *or even creating materials from scratch.

Maison Mihara Yasuhiro

The boundaries between the public and the private have dissolved, and the nature of individuals and the collective head toward becoming indistinguishable. Before realizing it, the masks preserving anonymity are replaced by the personalities themselves, revealing the backside of the facial expressions, the side that must not be shown. The 2025 Spring/Summer Collection started out with the intention of projecting this ironic pretence into its designs.


A new path that began in FW24 is further evolving the season. Like the previous season, this collection is captures in three key concepts: escapism – the ability to veer off the beaten path to express novelty and originality fully; freedom – not merely as the absence of constraint, but in its most absolute form; and the future – the desire to approach it with confidence and positivity.

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