Statement Jewellery

By Jo Phillips

Master the art of statement jewellery: luxury styling tips

Statement jewellery can make or break an outfit. This transformative power means that it can be exhilarating and daunting in equal measure to incorporate bold accessories into your look. However, fear not: using these luxury styling tips will help you get it right – every time.

What is statement jewellery?

Statement jewellery is a term used to describe accessories that are deliberately impactful rather than subtle. Encompassing everything from necklaces and earrings to watches and rings, statement jewellery is designed to catch the eye, whether through sheer size or sparkle and shine.

When worn well, statement jewellery is sure to make you the centre of attention. However, these designs are so dominating that it can be difficult to know how to wear them without the outfit becoming overwhelming. Master the art of statement jewellery with these four key styling tips.

Statement jewellery styling tips

Ensure a harmonious look

While your statement jewellery is naturally going to be the main feature, it is important that it is congruous with the rest of your outfit to ensure a harmonious look. If the statement accessory looks jarring or like an unnecessary addition, it creates a sense of trying too hard rather than effortless chic.

Avoid pairing bold jewellery with busy outfits as your statement piece will get lost in the overall look. You also want to make sure that your jewellery matches the occasion, so it stands out in the right way.

Create a focal point

As it is designed to be impactful, most statement jewellery naturally draws the eye. This means that you can use your accessories to create a focal point, with a view to highlighting a particular part of your body or your outfit.

For example, drop or hoop diamond earrings designed to dazzle direct the eye to the face and neck, while a chunky necklace or large pendant above a low dress line seeks to showcase the shoulders.

Experiment with layering

While solo statement pieces are perfect for creating a focal point, there is nothing to say that you can’t experiment with layering. When done correctly, incorporating layered jewellery into your look is a sensational way to ensure that your outfit packs a punch.

For example, several dainty gold necklaces of different lengths can be worn together to create one cohesive statement piece. When pairing jewellery, make sure that there is a strong connection between each piece e.g., type of metal or time period. Rings are particularly popular for layering – highlight a statement ring with other more delicate and plain bands on the other fingers.

Express your personality

Statement jewellery is a bit like dressing for a formal occasion: while it might be an elevation of your usual style, it will only have the wow factor if you look and feel comfortable in it. Make sure that your accessories express your personality, otherwise they will seem disjointed from you and your look. Why not explore Abelini Jewellery here

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