Sterling; Love in the heart of

By Jo Phillips

There is a central road full of utterly desirable stores in the middle of London called Conduit street. At its heart is a red store; as red as the blood in your heart.  Its called Jovoy and it is the place for those (like me) whose heart has been given over to scent. Scent in the very truest sense, utterly desirable, utterly crafted, utterly chic. It’s like walking into the most perfect red lacquered Chinese box, so supped up and sexy, yet warm and engulfing…its a perfume womb, if you like.

To walk in through its door is to walk into a pillowy heaven that wraps and engulfs you with its divine radiant fragrance. This is no ordinary perfume store, this is no mere perfume counter at a department store, or heaven forbid the shelf at the chemist.  The is the deep sensual rouge plush pleasure dome boutique of fragrance. We all wish we had something as luscious as this at home.

What makes it just so sumptuous is that every perfume worth sniffing is here, from the sublime to the obscene (in the nicest way possible). This is one of its only four stores across the world which in itself makes it a very special destination for any series perfume connoisseur but also for anyone who wants to start to get to grip with what real perfume really is.



As well as the company’s own perfume range,  it holds a wonderful selection including:- Neela VermeireAtelier FlouL’Essence du Bois, Olfactive StudioJeroboamAedes de VenustusEight & BobArty Fragrance, Grosssmith, Weldon London and many many more. The store also has fragrance brands which haven’t been available in the UK before such as Rania J and Begim, with the newest to the store being Christian Provenzano, L’Orchestre Plume Impressions and Orens. Jovoy founder Francois Henin is a man who knows his nose (sorry), but the collection he has curated is really from the most diverse to the most renowned making it a one-stop shop of delights with over 40 brands available across the store.

The shop also stocks Nez Magazine and a few books, the wonderful perfume card game, The Pocket Quiz: The first of set of games from Master Parfums collection which features 120 questions and answers about perfume culture from history, literature, mythology, perfume secrets via The olfactory palette and lastly brands, perfumes, and tips. It has three levels, Amateur, Connoisseur and Expert, it is tremendous fun!

The store also stocks all the necessary paraphernalia associated with scent:- a delicious selection of home fragrance products from candles to diffusers,  containers from travalos to crystal falcons and not to forget the travel kits and discovery sets.

This is the discovery store however, so if you have played safe with scent all your life then make it a destination, somewhere to start your own personal scent journey amongst the wonderful array available with a grand cross-section to experience… If you are already a fragrance lover then go to play, go to indulge and go to explore.

Whichever it may be, go to dive in, to drink in, to engulf, simply because here, you absolutely can. Go be a kid in a candy store; live, breath and immerse here.

Also new to the store is the latest fragrance from Jovoy’s own line  Pavillion Rouge by Jovoy

At the top it’s all heady, rich, deep whiskey, cardamon, sesame and rum. Where it’s heart is tea tobacco, leather and coffee and is its base vanilla, Bonzoin and ebony wood. This makes it sound almost like a rather fabulous cocktail to drink, but don’t, this is purely to wear and it is a rich perfume to delve into. This deep, heavy, rich, scent is totally lifted and warmed by the cardamom and tea which brings a light warmth to a deep scent.

The brand describes it thus:-

As daylight starts to decline, a schooner is busy readying itself to dock. It’s distinctive lines leave no doubt to the sharpened eye of an onlooker. “This one must be a privateer…” mumble the old people assembled in the port as they gaze across at the looming warship; “he must have made a mistake, docking here!” As the wind rises there can be no more ambiguity for a Jolly Roger slams into view and whistles a memento mori that reminds us that life is fragile, so we must live it well. But here the skull and crossbones are emblazoned on a red flag, meaning a short but good life is better!

Sucked in by the promises of the amber and vanilla aromas of rum and whiskey, a buccaneer rushes out onto the dock and blends into the crowd for a fleeting moment of tranquility during his overnight stopover. He knows that his proud ship will be gone before dawn. Disappeared completely, leaving only a trail of exotic spices and the precious woods of the treasures that fill his holds alongside the promise he made to an elegant woman to return one day “provided God gives her life”.

A perfume of conquest and adventure, Pavillon Rouge is an ode to life. It invites conquering both day and night, without any fear and with the confidence of those who have braved death for some long-lost fortune or legendary glory.




Heady indeed, and luscious with scent and memory. Pavillion Rouge is exclusive to the London store.  Jovoy Mayfair is located at 21 Conduit Street, London W1S 2XP.




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