Sterling; Top tips

By Jo Phillips

There are times in life when little hacks go a long, long way, where you feel by the very act of using an item you manage to somehow cheat the system. You feel good when you manage it.

Here are a few products that really do help; enjoy and break the rules your own way!


Shot one

Clarins Stylo 4-Couleurs (4-Colour Pen) For Eyes and Lips, comes with four shades. This unique all in one pen comprises of three eyeliners and one lip liner. But only through a simple click of the pen are they revealed. The very original design is also enhanced with its waxy formula liners that are smooth and kind to skin. So “Ol Skool” Cool!


Shot two

Beauty Mart, Remove & Chill (formerly known as Nailfix & Chill) acts like any regular nail polish remover, but instead of leaving nails dry and brittle, it retains nourishment with its acetone-free formula and pleasant scent. With vitamin E and argan oils, nails instantly become healthier and stronger. Literally, rub some into your nail wait and the polish is gone!


Shot three

EVE LOM Radiance Transforming Mask rejuvenates skin upon application, leaving it refreshed, healthy and naturally radiant. The smooth exfoliant uses organically sourced ingredients with regenerative properties resulting in improved brightness and complexion, making for a youthful glow. A little tub of best quality radiance in a pot! 


Shot four

Hair by Sam McKnight Cool Girl Texture Mist is an on-the-go hair texturising spray. Its diverse selection of styling for any hair type makes for a swish look with a carefree attitude. Simple but effective for that flawless finish. This size is also handbag perfect…


Shot five

All even Colour Shield Luminizing Body Enhancer evens pigmentation for any skin tone. This easy to use spray acts to give skin a luxurious natural glow, making for younger looking skin. Its formula dries quickly and is water resistant, making it the perfect makeup for your body. A product for one of those days you need to bare the skin but don’t feel quite up to it!

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