Steve Bicknell’s Tuesday Tunes

By Jo Phillips

What do Philip Glass, The Doors and Elvis Presley have in common? They are all favourites of the techno legend Steve Bicknell, who is the guest editor of our Path Issue. Steve has been on the dance scene for over 30 years, and has become an icon in the techno scene. He has played all around the world, he is a producer and held iconic nights in London. He is now working on his new label 6dimentions.

Steve says his interest in music was sparked back in 1985 by a record shop in Clapham Junction. Since then, he started building his vinyl collection and his friends would ask him to play at parties – after all, he had all the music. Since then, Steve has been involved with music – from building his vinyl collection, to playing at the biggest clubs in the world. Some of his musical favourites may surprise you, but they are what inspires him.

Listen to Elvis’ 1965 hit “Love me tender”, 10cc’s “I’m Mandy Fly me” and the “Sun Song” by The Sun Ra Arkestra here!

Steve shares the story of his musical journey and some of his favourite non-dance tunes in our Path issue, which he guest-edited. To listen to the rest of them and read his story, check out our magazine!dsc_9362

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